Who Is Goose? 5 Facts About Captain Marvel's Cat (5 Theories As To What She Could Be)

Early viewers of Captain Marvel report that Goose, the cat we met in the trailer, is a great addition to the MCU. But why could that be? After all, she seems like a perfectly normal cat so far. However, fans of Captain Marvel know there's a lot more than meets the eye about her mysterious cat, and that's got people all over the internet speculating as to what we might see from her film incarnation, with that in mind, we wrote a little something called Who is Goose? 5 Facts About Captain Marvel's Cat, and 5 Theories as to What She Could Be that's available right here for your reading pleasure. Check it out!

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10. Fact: Goose Is A Key Part Of The Captain Marvel Marketing

When the first Captain Marvel poster dropped, fans were understandably focused on the central figure of the photo, Carol Danvers. In all the excitement over finally getting Cap onscreen, a lot of people might have missed another major character in the background. But after a little while, fans started noticing a small ginger cat also in the poster. Yes, Goose has been a part of Captain Marvel marketing since the very beginning, even getting her own character poster as time went on. With that much attention on the fuzzy feline from the very beginning, we can’t help but get the sense that Marvel is telling us there are big things ahead for Goose.

9. Theory: Goose Is The Link Between The MCU And... The Cat From Outer Space?

The big things Marvel has planned for Goose probably don’t include this fan theory, but it’s fun to mention anyway. In 1978, Disney released an original film called The Cat from Outer Space. It’s a strange and very goofy light-hearted sci-fi, and according to Laughing Place, it may be connected to the MCU. We admit, the cat in this film does look a great deal like Goose, but we think the connectivity pretty much stops there. Still, if you remember The Cat from Outer Space or just have nostalgia for classic Disney movies, check out the fan theory. It’s pretty fun, if unlikely.

8. Fact: In The Comics, The Cat Is Named Chewie

Goose, or some version of him, does come from the Captain Marvel comics. However, he’s not called Goose. The pet that Captain Marvel keeps in the comics that bear her name is, in fact, named Chewie. Fans of Star Wars will immediately recognize the reference to Chewbacca, and maybe wonder why Disney didn’t stick to the name when adapting the character to film. Well, we have a couple theories, but the answer is probably that the House of Mouse didn’t want two “Chewies” in some of their most popular film franchises. Instead, they went with Goose, an obvious reference to the film Top Gun, which makes sense due to Carol’s past as a pilot. If you ask us, that’s still a pretty cool film reference to make. Even if it’s not Star Wars-related.

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7. Theory: Goose Is A Skrull

Captain Marvel Skrulls

Pretty much everyone in the Captain Marvel movie is going to get this treatment, and Goose is certainly no exception. After all, the Skrulls have the ability to change into any living creature, so pretty much everyone is a suspect to be one of their evil brethren. Nick Fury, whoever Jude Law is playing, even Captain Marvel herself is suspect to Skrull fan theories right now. However, we have a pretty good hunch that Goose isn’t one of the sinister shape-shifters. We’ve definitely been wrong before, but there’s a piece of Captain Marvel lore that we think points elsewhere. Speaking of...

6. Fact: Goose Is A 'Flerken'

Captain Marvel cat

What is a flerken, you ask? Well, besides being one of the most strangely named creatures in Marvel comics, a flerken is an alien that looks a lot like a cat. Captain Marvel picks one up on an adventure through space, and from then on, keeps the odd creature as a pet. That’s right, Cap’s cat isn’t really a cat at all, he’s something a lot weirder. Just how much weirder is something we’ll get into in a moment. But for now, just know that Goose is not the ginger cat she appears to be.

5. Theory: Goose Is From Another Timeline

Quantum Realm

Here’s a theory that could actually make sense in the weird, reality-warping saga of the war against Thanos. There is a theory that Captain Marvel (and by extension, Goose) are actually outside the space-time continuum of the current MCU. That could explain why Nick Fury didn’t call Captain Marvel way earlier in the Avengers movies. She may be trapped in another realm, and getting her out could put both realities in danger. This is definitely a possibility, with films like Doctor Strange and Ant-Man creating the possibility of alternate universes in the MCU. Wherever Cap is at the end of her solo film debut, we bet that Goose is right by her side.

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4. Fact: Flerken Lay (Many) Eggs To Reproduce

Alright, here’s what we mean when we say that Flerken are pretty strange creatures. According to official Marvel canon, the flerken reproduce by laying hundreds of eggs at a time. Yes, hundreds of eggs from these tiny creatures. Expect Goose to be adorable throughout Captain Marvel, but if anyone mentions kittens, maybe turn your head away for a second.

3. Theory: Goose Takes Nick Fury's Eye

Nick Fury Sam Jackson Captain Marvel

Out of every theory on this list, this one may be the most fun. We all know Nick Fury for his striking, eyepatch-wearing look, but what we don’t know is exactly how he lost that eye. We hear once that Fury got it because he “trusted someone,” but beyond that, no explanation exists. Well, we might find the answer in Goose’s actions in Captain Marvel. If Goose does turn out to be a villain, or perhaps just wants to defend a perceived threat against Cap, we could totally see him swiping our old Nick’s eye. After all, it looks from the most recent trailer like Fury trusts Goose. Oh, and the few times we see Fury without his eyepatch? Those are definitely claw marks scarring his face.

2. Fact: Flerken Have Extra Dimensions In Their Mouths

We promise this is the last biology lesson on the flerken, but we think this could be a really important one. Not only do flerken hold within them the space for hundreds of eggs, but they also hold an outright nightmare jungle of tentacles and teeth, like a cruel, hellish parody of a squid's beak. But the flerkens' insides don’t even stop there. Inside each flerken is actually a gateway to another dimension, almost like a TARDIS in its structure. Not only is this a fascinating and weird fact about the adorable aliens, but it actually leads us to the most interesting fan theory yet. So, without further ado...

1. Theory: Goose May Ultimately Save The MCU

Captain Marvel Goose the Cat header

Could Goose be so popular in the Captain Marvel marketing because she’s actually the key to that story? Could she actually be the greatest weapon of the MCU? Several fan theories posit that the alternate dimension inside Goose is the key to stopping Thanos himself, though the reasoning for that is varied. It could be that the dimension inside Goose is the quantum realm itself, or that that's where Captain Marvel is during the first 10 years of the MCU. Whatever the truth, it's fun to speculate that the Infinity Gauntlet itself is second to a small orange tabby with a Top Gun name.

What do you think is the truth behind Goose? And what do you love about her comics counterpart, Chewie? Tell us in the comments section below!

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