Good news and bad news regarding 'Available Light' from AiT/PlanetLar

Official Press Release

[Available Light]SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (November 26, 2001) Publisher Larry Young announced today that AiT/Planet Lar's upcoming hardcover book, Warren Ellis' collection of prose and photography, Available Light, won't be out in time for holiday gift-giving.

"AiT/Planet Lar is all about 'Making Comics Better' and that means better for the readers as well as for the retailers. We know Christmas is a great time of year when loyal fans are our evangelists to the uninitiated… it's one of the best times to introduce new readers to comics," said Young. "We were putting out a high-ticket book by one of the best writers in comics in a format that helps introduce the juxtaposition of words-and-pictures to others but due to scheduling conflicts Available Light will just be short of being in stores in time for gift-purchasing. We feel it is our duty to tell the comics community about the situation because as you respect the work we publish, we respect the fact that there was a waiting audience counting on the book to be out in December. The book WILL be coming out in early January and we encourage you to save a little of the money you find in your stockings for this innovative hardcover."

"But it's not our way to just shrug our shoulders and say 'we're sorry;see you in January,' like other publishers in similar straits have inthe past," continued AiT/Planet Lar co-publisher Mimi Rosenheim."Sometimes, circumstances really ARE beyond your control. We understand,however, that in addition to audience disappointment, retailers arebeing deprived of income, and we take full responsibility for that.Therefore, we are shipping two copies of ASTRONAUTS IN TROUBLE: LIVEFROM THE MOON to not just the Diamond accounts who ordered AVAILABLELIGHT, but to each of the top one thousand stores Diamond serves,absolutely free. We understand that this won't make up for being latewith the hardcover, but hopefully getting $26 dollars worth of tradepaperbacks for free might take the edge off, with THOSE books beingdelivered to shops before the holidays. We apologize for anyinconvenience and hope readers might check out LIVE FROM THE MOON whilethey're waiting for AVAILABLE LIGHT."

AiT/Planet Lar is a pop-culture company dedicated to bringinghigh-quality entertainment to the masses through the creation oforiginal projects or producing works deserving of wider recognition.AiT/Planet Lar provides a full range of services from concept tocompletion including writing, art management, lettering, advertising andpromotion, prepress production, ancillary merchandise, and printmanagement. Currently the company is focused on producing OriginalGraphic Novels to be distributed through mass-market bookstores,Amazon.com, and specialty bookshops around the world.

AiT/Planet Lar: Making Comics Better.

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