Good grief! Original voice of Charlie Brown jailed on threat charges

Former actor Peter Robbins, best known as the original voice of Charlie Brown, was set to be arraigned today in San Diego on charges that he threatened a police officer, a doctor and two others with death.  "AAUGGGHH!!" indeed.

U-T San Diego reports the 56-year-old Oceanside, California, resident was arrested Sunday night returning from Mexico after border security discovered he had an outstanding warrant in San Diego County. He was booked early Monday and held on $550,000 bail until his arraignment today on four felony counts of making a threat to cause bodily harm or great bodily injury and one count of stalking.

A San Diego police spokesman told CNN one of the charges stems from a Jan. 13 incident in which Robbins allegedly threatened a police sergeant with bodily harm.

Robbins was just 9 years old when he was cast to voice Charles M. Schulz's round-headed kid for the 1965 television special A Charlie Brown Christmas. He reprised that role in five more specials, including It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Charlie Brown All-Stars and in the 1969 feature film A Boy Named Charlie Brown. He appeared in his final Peanuts animated project, 1969's It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown, at age 13; after that, his voice changed. Still, Robbins outlasted the rest of the original cast.

Now a real-estate agent, Robbins reunited with fellow Peanuts cast members and director Bill Mendleson in 2008 at Comic-Con International

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