Good Boys' Most Obscene (and Comically Painful) Moments

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Good Boys, in theaters now.

Despite its cast of early-adolescent teenagers, Good Boys made it perfectly clear from the first trailer that its humor was as dark and as crude as anything producers Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill previously worked on. Director and co-writer Gene Stupnitsky was intent on harnessing the disasters of sixth grade, reminding us that, at the crack of puberty, we're already facing a scary social pyramid.

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As the story unfolds, best friends Max (Jacob Tremblay), Thor (Brady Noon) and Lucas (Keith L. Williams) are navigating uncharted territory when they're invited to their first "kissing party," but only if they can avoid cops and score cash to replace a drone they shouldn't have been toying with in the first place. In the process, we get a lot of sex and drugs jokes, so let's look at the show's most obscene barbs.

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After scoring an invitation to the middle-school party, the boys head over to Thor's house to learn about the art of kissing. The internet isn't kind to them, as they find some of the most disturbing adult websites, leading them to go old-school and practice on what they believe is a CPR doll. It's actually the sex doll of Thor's brother.

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Max has first dibs on the make-out session, which turns from funny to awkward when he pulls his mouth away after locking lips, only to realize there's a hair stuck in his teeth. Although the boys are none the wiser, the audience can't help but sympathize with their naivete.


Early on, Max's crew is caught using his father's drone to spy on Hannah (Molly Gordon) and her friend Lily (Midori Francis), hoping they can see them making out and learn how to kiss. However, the girls seize the drone, which leads to a confrontation in which the boys steal Hannah's purse, hoping for an exchange. Little do they know it contains drugs the girls got for a party of their own, triggering an epic chase through the park.

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Lily is a track star and, in a scene right out of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, she catches up with the boys right after Lucas damages himself, only for the hormonal Max to pull a Hail Mary out of nowhere. As a last resort, he screams that she's a sexual predator, which leads to her running away and jumping into Hannah's van.I


When the girls come to a compromise with the boys after the drone is destroyed, they agree to pay them for a new one if the kids can score more drugs (Lucas gave theirs to cops) from a fraternity house. The boys go in, and when the situation gets sticky, Max pulls out a paint gun in an epic heist.

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The situation escalates and he begins shooting every single guy in the crotch in a scene that will make most male viewers squirm. As Thor and Lucas witness Max's sniping skills, they join in by beating up on the fraternity members.


Good Boys focuses a lot of the boys thinking Thor's parents' sex toys are your everyday play variety, like the sex swing featured in trailers. Max is caught wearing a BDSM mask, Lucas wields a dildo as a sword, and Thor takes a liking to the anal beads, believing they're modern nunchucks. But every scene makes you gag as the kids sniff the beads and let the audience know they don't smell nice at all.

It comes to a head when Max offers the beads to his crush as a necklace at the kissing party, almost making her vomit as well. That underscores there are few boundaries. The film ends with Thor's little sister actually educating the boys on what all of these toys, especially that swing, are usually used for.

Good Boys, directed by Gene Stupnitsky, stars Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, Keith L. Williams, Will Forte and Molly Gordon, is in theaters now.

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