The Arrowverse: 7 Photoshop Fancastings That Are Way Better Than What We Got (And 8 That Are Worse)

Sometimes, we tend to think that we, as the audience, know best when it comes to casting our favorite comic book characters. Some of us will even go as far as creating a photoshopped images of who we consider to be the perfect actor as the designated comic book character. This practice has become known as fancasting and over the years a great number of these photoshopped fancasting images have accumulated on the internet. And of course, the Arrowverse is not immune to these Photoshop jobs. A good number of Arrowverse fans out there seem to think that they have a better pick for a certain role.

Most commonly fancast roles seem to be that of the Flash and Reverse-Flash, which is kind of surprising considering that both Grant Gustin and Matt Letscher are doing a great job. Still, judging by these photoshopped images, there are other actors who could have taken on the two iconic roles just as successfully. Of course, not every photoshopped fancasting image is a hit and sometimes the fans get it very wrong. So, after careful consideration and deliberation we have settled on 7 Arrowverse photoshops that are way better than what we got and 8 that are way worse.


Topher Grace is far from being a bad actor. On the contrary, most of us will probably remember him fondly from That 70’s Show for years to come. However, when it comes to the superhero genre, we’re not quite sure Grace has what it takes. In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, Topher Grace was regrettably miscast as Eddie Brock, which is perhaps some of his worst work.

So, forgive us, if we’re not that thrilled with the idea of casting Topher Grace as the Atom, or any comic book superhero/villain for that matter. MarvelDCFancast seems to think Grace would make a fine Ray Palmer, but we’re more than a bit skeptical. There’s just something weird about Eric Forman donning on a superhero costume in even semi-serious fashion.


Stephen Amell makes an awesome Green Arrow, make no mistake. Over the years, this Canadian actor has essentially become synonymous with his role, which says a lot about the quality of his performance. Nevertheless, there seem to be quite a few fancasting ideas about who’d make a better Oliver Queen. A popular choice is Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam.

If you’ve ever seen Hunnam, there's no need to explain why this is a popular concept and why it would probably work. Charlie Hunnam has got everything down from the physique, the blond hair, and, last but not least, the trademark goatee. The actor’s also demonstrated he has the chops for action in movies such as Pacific Rim. With Hunnam’s looks and abilities we have no doubt he’d make a fine Green Arrow, especially now that we’ve seen this amazing edit by Ilvir Safin.


At the moment, Ryan Gosling is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. His latest hit Blade Runner 2049 is nominated for five Academy Awards and the actor himself holds two Oscar nominations for his past work. Gosling proved he can do pretty much everything -- including romance, musical, action and so on. However, the question is, would he make a good superhero?

DeviantArt member under the name of Corrupted-Mirror seems to think Ryan Gosling would be the perfect fit for the role of Green Arrow. To prove his point, the artist created this cool edit of Gosling all suited up. And while we don’t doubt Gosling’s abilities, we’re not quite sure he’d fit the bill. Let’s just say that Gosling has a certain innate cuteness and softness, which just doesn’t coincide with the Oliver Queen we know and love.


Dan Stevens is currently starring in, what some are arguing is the best superhero show at the time,9 FX's Legion. Stevens portrays David Haller, an extremely powerful Omega level mutant, who also happens to suffer from multiple personality disorder. Each of his personalities possessing a unique set of powers. Stevens is doing an amazing job on Legion and some fans seem to think he could portray another comic book character just as well.

The amazing artist Bosslogic posted this edit on his Instagram and caught the attention of many Flash fans. And while we love Matt Letscher’s work on The Flash, we think Dan Stevens would definitely make an awesome Reverse-Flash. If you’ve seen Legion or The Guest, you know Stevens can be incredibly unsettling.


At this point it’s pretty much impossible to imagine anyone other than Grant Gustin in the role of the Scarlet Speedster. For Arrowverse fans, even accepting Ezra Miller was a challenge. So, when we see fancastings we’re usually thrown off by the idea, even though some of it might actually make sense on the surface. Case in point, the blond and blue-eyed Matt Barr as Barry Allen by SavageComics.

Barr was actually one of the actors considered for the role of the Flash in the Arrowverse. Going only by the actor’s physical appearance it’s easy to see how this decision would make sense. However, Barr isn’t exactly known for portraying the typical "nice guy," which is why it’s hard to fathom he’d be able to pull off the classic Barry Allen charisma, adorableness, kindness and heroic nature.


Not so long ago, Matthew McConaughey was the last actor you’d suggest for a superhero role. Prior to 2012, McConaughey was best known for starring in romantic comedies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and The Wedding Planner. Now, Matthew McConaughey is an Academy Award winner known for critically acclaimed movies such as Dallas Buyers Club and Interstellar.

Even the mighty Marvel has had its eye on Matthew McConaughey for the part of Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And if we’re being honest it’s just a matter of time until McConaughey pops up either in the MCU or DCEU. The artist spdrmnkyxxiii seems to think McConaughey would make a good Reverse-Flash, and we kind of agree. There’s absolutely no doubt the Texan would rise to the occasion.


Now, this is something a lot of fans wanted to see. In fact, there was even a petition for The CW to get Welling to portray the Man of Steel on Supergirl. The actor previously portrayed Clark Kent on Smallville and a great number of fans felt that Welling -- and no one else -- deserved to don the iconic blue and red spandex on Supergirl. Artist spdrmnkyxxiii even made an edit of what that might look like.

As we well know, this did not happen and the part went to Tyler Hoechlin. This decision was met with criticism, mainly on the grounds of Hoechlin not having the appropriate height and build, but also because people were upset Welling was passed over. As far as we're concerned, we’re glad Welling wasn’t cast as Supes. His story has run its course and it’s time for a new one.


The Black Canary problem is something that could have been felt from the very start of Arrow. The show didn’t seem to know what to do with Laurel, besides pining her in a number of love triangles with Oliver. Her transformation into Black Canary was underwhelming, to say the least, and her death felt like a cheap trick to boost the ratings.

But is it possible that the role was simply miscast and that perhaps a different actress would have done a better job? Well, not likely. Although, we’re kind of digging spdrmnkyxxiii’s edit of Natalie Dormer as the Black Canary. While we don’t think Katie Cassidy is to blame for the character’s demise, we wouldn’t mind seeing Dormer in her place. Just for the hell of it.


Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave -- it’s hard to believe we could have ended up with a better pair. In fact, this right here may well be the best casting decision The CW has made. So, why would anyone ever wish to see another actor opposite Purcell? Even if it is Eminem, as imagined by Ilvir Safin.

But it’s not just the fact that the criminal duo is portrayed by the Prison Break brothers that makes us so fond of Miller as Snart. Far from it. Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of Captain Cold is one of the most enjoyable performances across all four Arrowverse shows. Seeing him die at the end of Legends of Tomorrow season one was excruciating and saying goodbye to him once again this season was equally difficult to do, which speaks volumes about Miller's work.


You must remember this gorgeous face from NBC’s hilarious action series Chuck, starring Zachary Levi as the titular unwitting spy. Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski portrayed the CIA operative Sarah Walker, who's put in charge of the Intersect, aka Chuck. On the show, Strahovski demonstrated some crazy action and fighting skills, which were apparently enough to fancast her as Supergirl.

Artist spdrmnkyxxiii seems to be among those who believe Strahovski would have made an excellent Girl of Steel. Looking at his awesome edit, we can’t say we disagree. Although, Melissa Benoist has grown on us and we’re thrilled to have her as Kara, we can easily imagine Strahovski taking on the role as well. We’re certain the Aussie would have done a great job with the character.


Josh Holloway, forever known as Sawyer from ABC's hit series Lost, has been rumored for the part of Aquaman in the DCEU a few years back. As we know that didn’t quite pan out and the role went to Jason Momoa. Even though, it’s not at all hard to imagine Holloway as Aquaman. But photoshop artist Ilvir Safin imaged the Lost star in a different DC Comics role. That of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke.

As we know, Deathstroke made a number of appearances on Arrow, portrayed by the New Zealand actor Manu Bennett. His performance is held in high regard by fans of the show and it’s hard to imagine anyone taking Bennett’s place. Besides, Holloway doesn't quite fit the part as well as Bennett or DCEU's Joe Manganiello.


Recently, John Constantine came back to Arrowverse in yet another awesome episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Hellblazer started off on NBC’s short-lived series Constantine and in 2015 officially became part of the Arrowverse. Portrayed by the Welsh actor Matt Ryan, against all odds, Constantine makes a fine addition to the Arrowverse.

Constantine has had one previous live-action adaptation, the 2005 movie of the same name, in which the character was portrayed by Keanu Reeves. And while Matt Ryan is considered a vast improvement as far as casting is concerned, some seem to think there were still better options out there. Artist Ilvir Safin created this cool edit with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Constantine and we must say it doesn’t look half bad. Perhaps the Game of Thrones actor would have been a better fit.


Michael Rosenbaum is no stranger to the superhero genre. His breakthrough came with the role of Lex Luthor on Smallville. However, he’s also been the voice of the Flash in a number of DC animated series and movies and he has made an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Naturally, some fans were of the opinion that Rosenbaum would be a great addition to the Arrowverse. And why not as the Flash, since he has experience playing the Scarlet Speedster.

MarvelDCFancast, who edited this photo of the Flash, stated that somewhere in the Arrowverse there’s Earth-52 in which the characters have taken the appearance of their voice actors. But while Rosenbaum makes a good Flash in DCAU, we’re not quite certain he’s got what it takes to play the character in live-action.


Adam Brody is best known for playing the adorably nerdy Seth Cohen on the teen drama series The O.C. But at the time he was playing the role of his life, Brody was actually cast to play the Flash in George Miller’s scrapped Justice League: Mortal movie. And apparently that was enough for fans and MarvelDCFancast to get inspired enough to fancast Brody as Arrowverse’s Flash.

Although, Grant Gustin has been doing a marvelous job, we must say that Brody could have been an equally successful choice -- if not even more so. During his time on The O.C., Brody demonstrated that he possesses an unapologetic nerdiness, which could have come in handy for the part of Barry Allen. Plus, his classic "nice guy" look makes him an awesome fit for the role of Flash.


Actor Aaron Tyalor-Johnson started his superhero career as Kick-Ass and was fairly successful at it. However, his second superhero gig as Quicksilver in the MCU didn’t quite go as planned. The English actor failed to impress with his performance and on top of that his character was killed off after only one movie; robbing him of the chance to improve. However, someone must have liked his portrayal of the speedster, since they decided to fancast him as the Flash.

MarvelDCFancast made this edit of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as The CW’s Flash. Well, you know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed… still, we’re not quite certain Taylor-Johnson would be a good fit for Barry Allen. He seems way too intense, even for the post-Flashpoint Barry.

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