Golden Apple releasing 100 limited edition DC kicks 11/1

Official Press Release

ACI International is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood to sell just 100 pairs of its limited-edition DC Super Heroes sneakers for adults on Saturday, November 1 at 10 am (PT) at the Golden Apple Comics store at 7018 Melrose Avenue.

The limited-edition shoes are available in three different styles, each featuring one of three DC Comics characters - Superman, Batman and The Joker. The shoes retail for $110 per pair. Golden Apple is the only store in the world to have the shoes on their shelves — the remaining pairs (less than 2,000 of each style) are being sold on www.limitedsoles.com.

In addition to the fervor sure to be created by the chance for comic book lovers and sneakerheads to get their hands on these elusive shoes, ACI and Golden Apple will be giving away several DC Comic Books and posters highlighting the characters on the shoes.

WHO: ACI International and Golden Apple Comics of Hollywood

WHAT: Selling 100 pairs of each limited edition DC Comics sneaker style

WHERE: Golden Apple Comics, 7018 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood

WHEN: Saturday, November 1 at 10 am (PT)

VISUALS: Hundreds of DC Comics Fans lined up outside store waiting to get their hands on the shoes

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