Golden Age Vision Joins Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel villain-turned-hero Aarkus, commonly known as Golden Age Vision, is joining the superhero roster of the mobile fighting game Marvel: Contest of Champions.

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Coming from the Smokeworld dimension, the alien law enforcement officer possesses a max PI of 3879. His abilities include Smoke and Mirrors, Power Gain, Armor Break, Coldsnap and Fury. Golden Age Vision's abilities can be enhanced if allied with Vision and Vision (Age of Ultron), Magneto, Iceman, Old Man Logan, Captain America and Black Widow (Claire Voyant).

Below is Golden Age Vision's player card and design for the popular mobile game, sporting his signature green and yellow outfit, red cape and a large "V" belt buckle.

Created by artist Jack Kirby and writer Joe Simon, Vision (Aarkus) made his debut in Marvel Mystery Comics #13 in 1940. He would make a return the Invader series as well as the relaunch of X-Men: Legacy before appearing in the 2014 All-New Invaders series. His powers include teleporting wherever smoke is, flying, creating illusory images of himself and conjuring extreme cold and ice.

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Developed by Kabam, Marvel: Contest of Champions is available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices

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