Golden Age Christmas - Green Lantern Teaches a Christmas Tale of Tolerance

Welcome to the latest edition of Golden Age Christmas, where we will feature a different Golden Age Christmas comic book story every day from now until Christmas Eve!

Today we look at a 1944 Christmas story featuring Green Lantern speaking to the very nature of (then) modern America.

The comic (written by Henry Kuttner and drawn by Paul Reinman) opens with a framing device of Alan Scott leading a Christmas choir on the radio when a lady in the audience begins to freak out because the singers are not all white...

In the fracas, Doiby is shot, but the only doctor who can save him is not allowed to because of his religion!

By the way, they must mean Jewish, right?

So Alan investigates...

The rest of the story, Alan keeps finding this Mr. Rogue fellow is influencing Committees all over the city to become super racist. No one has actually met the man. Alan travels along with Rogue's press agent and Alan is getting angrier and angrier as time goes by over how much of a jerk Rogue is. He even considers killing Rogue when he finds him, but Doiby talks him out of it by reminding him of the oath he took as Green Lantern.

Finally, through the use of sidewalk Santa Clauses as spies, Alan finally finds Rogue...

And Rogue's true identity is a shock to Alan...

This was a pretty strong story by Kuttner with a good message, although I dunno about some racist old lady actually shutting her trap long enough to listen to that whole story, especially when it begins with "You're a fool!" Reinman does a good job on the art, although it is of course weird today to see a comic book about religious and ethnic tolerance to depict an Asian person like they do in this comic.

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