Golden Age Christmas - Christmas on Bear Mountain!

Welcome to the latest edition of Golden Age Christmas, where we will feature a different Golden Age Christmas comic book story every day from now until Christmas Eve!

Today we look at the 1947 Carl Barks Christmas story that introduced the world to one of the most famous comic book characters of all-time..

Barks had been doing Donald Duck stories for a few years before giving the world of Duckburg its second-most famous resident, Uncle Scrooge McDuck.

Here is how he came into the comic book world, in 1947's Four Color Comics #178...

With the plot dutifully set up, Donald and the boys settle into the cabin, but the boys have a request...

While they're out there trying to get a Christmas Tree, a baby bear sneaks into their cabin. Barks does an extended sequence where Donald and the boys don't know for SURE that a bear is in the house, just that things keep disappearing (like chocolate and roller skates), until they finally discover the bear...

As you might imagine, the baby bear's mother is in the tree and chaos ensues. Both mama and baby bear end up taking over the cabin. The boys and Donald decide to win back their home (either that or freeze to death outside). The boys chase the baby bear while Donald tries to sneak up on the sleeping mother bear to tie her up but promptly faints into her arm.

It is at this point that Scrooge shows up in his bear costume only to discover a bizarre scene. The boys are CHASING A BEAR! And then Donald, his wimp of a nephew, is...

Very fun story by a comic book master, and this one-off character soon became a rather important part of the Disney comic book universe.

That's it for the 2012 Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar! Hope you enjoyed it!

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