Golden Age Artist Jack Burnley Dies

Official Press Release

Jack Burnley, the Golden Age artist who co-created Starman and illustrated numerous covers for DC Comics, has died at age 95.

"Jack was one of the finest illustrators in comics' Golden Age, and his beautiful early renditions of Superman and Starman were classic moments in DC's history," says Paul Levitz, DC's President & Publisher.

Born in 1911, Burnley began his artistic career in 1929 with King Features Syndicate, where he was the youngest artist ever to have his own syndicated feature.   He began selling work to DC Comics in 1939, and contributed the cover to NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR COMICS in 1940 - the first cover ever to feature Superman and Batman together.   Soon after, Burnley began illustrating Superman stories in ACTION COMICS, while also creating covers for ACTION COMICS, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, DETECTIVE COMICS, WORLD'S FINEST COMICS and others.

Working with writer Gardner Fox, he introduced Starman in ADVENTURE COMICS #61 (1941), and also drew chapters of Justice Society of America tales in ALL STAR COMICS.   He went on to illustrate both the SUPERMAN and BATMAN AND ROBIN newspaper comic strips.

Burnley left comics in 1947 to return to sports cartooning, first with the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph and then with the San Francisco News .   Burnley retired in 1976, and in 2000 wrote the introduction to THE GOLDEN AGE STARMAN ARCHIVES VOL. 1.  

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