This 24K Gold Darth Vader Mask Costs a Most Impressive $1.4 Million

May the cash be with you! In honor of "Star Wars'" 40th anniversary, Japanese jeweler Tanaka Kikinzoku has revealed a 24 karat gold sculpture of Darth Vader, which goes up for sale next week.

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According to Japan Times, the 15kg (33 pound) statue of the iconic sci-fi villain is priced at a hefty $1.4 million and will be available to purchase in Japan on May 4, which is widely recognized by fans as "Star Wars" Day. The glorious gold helmet is currently on display at the jeweler's main store Tokyo's Ginza shopping district.

In addition to Vader, the jeweler is offering a limited supply of 77 commemorative plaques featuring three small oval coins made of pure gold and a replica poster of the original “Star Wars." The coins are also decorated with numbers referring to the film's release date, May 25, 1977. Each plaque is estimated to cost around $11,000.

Although it's difficult to imagine spending that amount of money on memorabilia, the statue is sure to stand out even among the most extravagant of collections. In the past, Tanaka Kikinzoku has produced other gold commemorative products including a Christmas tree, samurai helmets and soccer player Lionel Messi’s left foot.

This week, Disney announced the release dates for many of its major upcoming films, including “Star Wars: Episode IX," which hits theaters May 24, 2019.

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