Godzilla & Pacific Rim Crossover In Striking Japanese Poster

The long-awaited Godzilla/Pacific Rim crossover has (sort of) arrived.

For the upcoming Japanese release of the anime Godzilla: Kessen Kidō Zōshoku Toshi (Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle), Toho Inc. and Legendary Pictures have collaborated on a promotional poster featuring the titular legendary Kaiju and a crew of Jaegers, including Gipsy Avenger, Saber Athena and Bracer Phoenix from Pacific Rim: Uprising, which releases this weekend in Japan.

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Illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin (Macross Frontier) created the poster, which brings together the two monster-filled worlds. Tenjin said he wanted to respect the impact of Godzilla while also paying homage to a history of giant robots in Japanese pop culture.

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Godzilla: Kessen Kidō Zōshoku Toshi is the second film in a planned Godzilla anime trilogy, and releases in Japan on May 18. The first film in the series, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, released in November 2017 and is currently available for streaming worldwide on Netflix.

Debuting in theaters on March 22, 2019, Godzilla: King of Monsters is a production of Legendary Entertainment directed by Michael Dougherty and starring Vera Farmiga, Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins, Kyle Chandler, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Thomas Middleditch, Charles Dance, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Aisha Hinds and Zhang Ziyi.

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