Godzilla: King of the Monsters Director Reveals Why Kong Missed the Fight

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, in theaters now.

Director Michael Dougherty has revealed why Kong didn't come running when Ghidorah sent out its alpha call in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

In the film, various Titans became subservient to Ghidorah upon hearing the call, while others like Rodan were beat into submission. But while Dougherty showed these other monsters who acted as Ghidorah's subjects, fans wondered what was going on with Kong, and why he didn't;t join the battle. It turns out, the giant ape did hear the call, but decided it wasn't worthy of his attention.

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Dougherty explained the whereabouts of Kong during the film by posting an excerpt from the novelization of King of the Monsters by Greg Keyes on Twitter. As it reads, Kong viewed this call as he had other random alpha calls he had heard before. Apparently, Kong believes it's coming from a pretender, not a true alpha.

Perhaps even more interestingly, the passage may actually shed light into what might happen in Godzilla vs. Kong.

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The image reveals other rumblings beneath Skull Island, indicating that monsters such as the Skullcrawlers will be rising to the surface. Kong has taken heed of this, and it seems this could be what brings other creatures to fight him at his home. King of the Monsters' conclusion also noted Monarch was monitoring the island, as they also realized Ghidorah's call activated kaiju there that might be ready to stake their claim as an apex, whether it be against Kong or Godzilla.

Directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters stars Vera Farmiga, Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins, Kyle Chandler, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Thomas Middleditch, Charles Dance, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Aisha Hinds and Zhang Ziyi.

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