Every Kaiju in the New Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer


After several teases about which kaiju Godzilla will face, or possibly ally himself with, in Michael Dougherty's Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Legendary Pictures has finally released the second trailer, which expands upon the monster roster.

While the first trailer held back on the other Titans, as Monarch calls them, this latest footage reveals even more creatures that are coming to the surface to either stake their dominance or to help Godzilla, and humanity, take back the planet. Here's a rundown of all of the Titans we spotted in the new trailer.


After teasing Godzilla's arch-nemesis in an electrical storm in the first trailer, we finally see the three-headed dragon in all his glory. Ghidorah definitely cuts an intimidating figure, as he's bigger in size, packing three spiked tails, and oh, yeah, using electric powers against Godzilla.

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An earlier poster showcased Ghidorah overpowering Godzilla, and this new footage seems to indicate he will be the alpha to beat. The epic shot of him at the end, charging into Godzilla, is more than enough to whet fans' appetites, but it should also scare Monarch, because from how he destroys its scientific facilities here, Ghidorah is friend to no one. This trailer doesn't expand on what Monarch's designation of "Monster Zero" means, but it could be that he's the first Titan they began studying in Antarctica.



There were previous teases of Rodan emerging from his volcanic lair, razing Capitol Hill and soaring over cities and this trailer expands on that. There are better shots of him crawling out his lava-filled home, and we see his crusty, flaming exterior -- not to mention his enormous wings, which create a wind vortex as he flies.

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So far, it seems Rodan will mostly be going up against U.S. military jets, with the trailer showing him spinning and maneuvering to outclass them, and even using his giant claws to hook a couple. It's left to be seen which side he'll join when Godzilla and Ghidorah throw down, or if "The One Born of Fire" (as Monarch has tagged him) sides with anyone at all.



So far, we got a nice close-up of Mothra's face, as well as a cute tease recently with the creature cooing and emitting her warm, white-hot glow. But here, she's just as fierce in battle. The trailer hints she's a friend to mankind, with Monarch recently designating her "Queen of the Monsters."

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She may well be Godzilla's ally, but make no mistake: When we finally see the moth spreading her wings and taking to the skies to battle Rodan or Ghidorah, we know she means business. It's a great hint of the destruction and power she holds within when it comes to ensuring the other Titans don't abuse their power.

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