Godzilla: King of Monsters Poster Offers Closer Look at the Mighty Ghidorah

when warner bros. dropped the godzilla: king of the monsters trailer yesterday at comic-con international in san diego, fans got just enough of a tease as to the brawl to come. mothra was on display, as well as quick cuts of rodan, but one creature remained obscure, hidden in the frozen shadows of antarctica.

well, we now have a better look at it, the beast known as king ghidorah. and it's a glorious one, perfectly encapsulating the chaos which will ensue when they all throw down.

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the sneak peak comes courtesy of a poster exclusive to the convention, which was posted by director michael dougherty on his twitter account. visible is the tagline, "long live the king," muttered by charles dance's mysterious character (assumed to be a scientist) at the end of the trailer.

designed by christopher shy, it showcases godzilla wrapped up by the three-headed dragon-esque creature, with all heads ready to bite into earth's savior. what's noticeable is the size difference, showing ghidorah may well be bigger than godzilla after all in legendary's monsterverse.

in the background, we can see the fiery destruction and electric storms from the battle between the two, considered by many to be the biggest and baddest of all the kaiju, or as this film has renamed them, the titans aka the original rulers of the planet, according to the mysterious scientists known as monarch.

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hopefully, we see ghidorah in live-action soon enough, but until then, this poster will have to suffice, teasing us on the showdown to see who truly deserves to rule the earth next year.

arriving march 22, 2019, director michael dougherty’s godzilla: king of the monsters stars vera farmiga, ken watanabe, sally hawkins, kyle chandler, millie bobby brown, bradley whitford, thomas middleditch, charles dance, o’shea jackson jr., aisha hinds and zhang ziyi.

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