Godzilla 2 Finds a Director In Krampus Helmer

Back in October, it was announced that "Krampus" helmer Michael Dougherty was hired -- along with his co-writer, Zach Shields -- to write the upcoming "Godzilla" sequel for Legendary, with rumors also hinting at him heading behind the camera as well. Now, those very rumors have been made official as Dougherty has since signed on to helm the monstrous feature.

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Dougherty has carved out a rather intriguing list of credits over the years, having written films such as "Superman Returns" and "X-Men 2" for X-Men director Bryan Singer, and directed films such as "Trick R Treat" and "Krampus." A film like "Godzilla 2" should prove to be a stepping stone for the budding director, who has mainly built his career in the horror genre thus far, much like the first film was for director Gareth Edwards.

The upcoming sequel is part of the Godzilla-King Kong universe that Legendary is currently hard at work on. Thus far, they've already scheduled a showdown between the two super-species to hit the big screen in 2020, and per Variety's initial report of Dougherty's involvement with "Godzilla 2," they revealed that the studio is currently working on setting up a writers' room to help craft the highly-anticipated cinematic universe.

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"Godzilla 2" is expected to hit the big screen on May 22, 2019.

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