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Godspeed, Kelley Puckett

by  in Comic News Comment
Godspeed, Kelley Puckett

There are a certain amount of stories that comic writers notably do not try in their comics, mostly because they are incredibly difficult to do well, and very easy to do poorly. Kelley Puckett, in the pages of Supergirl, has decided to try to do one of these such stories, and while the chances of him pulling it off are slim, I wish him good luck in attempting to do so (spoiler ahead).

In the latest issue of Supergirl, while Supergirl was cleaning out residents of a building that was nearly collapsed, a little boy asked Supergirl if he was going to live, and Supergirl told him he would (and yes, it was telegraphed a bit – as soon as it happened, I figured, “Yep, this kid has cancer”). Later, his parents were quite angry at Supergirl for telling their son that he would live, when he certainly would not, as his cancer was fatal.

Superman was about to go into “the speech,” explaining why even superheroes can’t do certain things, when Supergirl decided, you know what, screw it, she determined that she was NOT going to let the boy die, and re-iterated her promise to him.

So here, Puckett is going to have Supergirl address one of the things you really are not supposed to talk about in superhero comics, which is applying superhero logic to real world problems. Such a tact risks trivializing the real world problems – so if Puckett is able to pull this story off without trivializing the real world problems or otherwise copping out, I would be mighty impressed, even if, understandably, the story will likely end with Supergirl delivering a similar speech to Superman’s.

But in any event, I’d love to see this story done well, so I wish Kelley Puckett the best of luck!

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