The Fear Of Gods: 15 Evil Marvel Gods Too Frightening For The MCU

Marvel Comics houses some of the mightiest beings in all of fiction. With gods and cosmic aberrations capable of wiping out entire galaxies at a whim, it’s almost a wonder the Marvel Universe and its inhabitants are alive and kicking. Thankfully, there are plenty of heroes, and villains if the situation is dire enough, with impressive powers who are ready to do battle, should Galactus or a rouge Celestial decide to pay the Earth a visit.

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The MCU, or Marvel Cinematic Universe, on the other hand, is pretty devoid of superheroes. Aside from the small Avengers team and the Guardians of the Galaxy, there isn’t really anyone else to oppose outstanding evil forces. Though these heroes have defeated the likes of Ultron and Ego the Living Planet, it wouldn’t be enough to stand up to some of Marvel’s most frightening deities. Additionally, the MCU’s heroes are also substantially weaker than their comic book counterparts. Even if raw strength wasn’t a concern, many of these gods and demons reside in hellish landscapes, the likes of which would make even the bravest man cry for his mommy. Here at CBR we’re looking at 15 godly beings that would be far too powerful and frightening for the MCU and its heroes!

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Often referred to as the Lord of Lies, Mephisto is one of Marvel’s scariest villains. The literal Devil, Mephisto has the tendency to steal people’s souls and torture them in his Hell-like dimension while he sits back and enjoys a nice big glass of, what usually looks like, blood. While Mephisto is incredibly powerful, once he travels to the Earthy plane, his power wanes. It makes him vulnerable to heroes like Doctor Strange.

The MCU already brought the dreaded Dormmamu to the big screen, someone who might’ve terrorized viewers were he shown in his comic book form; the alternation made him presentable. Something similar could be done with Mephisto. Even so, the chances of seeing a Mephisto action figure next to Iron Man at your local Walmart is relatively slim.


As his name implies, Null The Living Darkness isn’t a people person. In fact, he, or rather it, was created by a winged humanoid race called the S’raphh. Living on Earth’s moon, they went nuts, after realizing the futility of existence, and jumped into a lava pit. Out of their souls’ suffering was born Null the Living Darkness. Seeking to destroy all of creation, Null looks like an amoeba fused together with your darkest nightmares as visualized by a surrealist.

Null is capable of deadly and powerful dark magic and one of his few defeats came at the hands of Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, and Daimon Hellstrom, two of which already reside in the MCU. Though visually Null is downright frightening, once more magical characters are introduced into the MCU, they’ll need bad guys to fight. Null could fill that requirement; we’re hoping Marvel makes him less hideous.



Odin’s brother, Cul Borson turned himself into the Serpent, the living embodiment of fear. Incredibly powerful, he started the event "Fear Itself", in which Odin was so afraid of his own brother, he fled Earth and prepared to raze the planet, after having spent millennia preparing for his brother’s return.

Cul is nearly as powerful as Odin, which means he can defeat almost anyone he encounters. He ripped apart Captain America’s shield, created a slew of magical hammers to empower various heroes and villains, turning them into his subjects, created his own Asgard, reanimated the dead, the even turned into a giant serpent. While it would be cool to see how Thor dealt with what boils down to an evil version of his father, Cul would likely prove too fearsome an opponent. It comes with being the God of Fear.


chaos king

The most feared god is none other than Amatsu-Mikaboshi, or the Chaos King. Despite several retconnings, Chaos King’s defining characteristic, aside from his Lovecraftian features, is his power. The Chaos King is the embodiment of the darkness that existed before creation and the only entities capable of properly challenging him are Elder Gods.

Even with Thor on their side, the MCU’s heroes stand no chance. The Chaos King has soundly defeated gods like Odin and Zeus, rendering them powerless. During the Chaos War storyline, the Chaos King enslaved them, annihilated Olympus, beat Galactus, destroyed Hell, and was so scary that Death fled the Marvel Universe. If the Chaos King can beat the likes of Odin, you can bet that even a watered down Chaos King would be more than a match for Thor and the gang.


seth marvel

Seth is the Egyptian God of Evil and Death and brother to Osiris. For centuries, Seth battled his brother and the rest of the Egyptian pantheon. At some point during their epic battles, Seth cleverly sealed away Horus, Isis, and Osiris in a mystical pyramid on Earth. They’d wait there for centuries until Odin freed them. Meanwhile, Seth spent the time amassing a massive power base.

Seth possesses power that rival Odin’s, which means Seth is more than capable of wiping out entire galaxies. It was said that the battle between him and Odin shook that very fabric of the multiverse. The MCU already introduced Hela, the Goddess of Death, so it’s unlikely we’ll see another God of Death pop up anytime soon. Yet if he did, Seth’s appearance would be short-lived, as he’d assuredly proceed to destroy the universe. Who in the MCU could stop him? No one.


If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, you know Kronos for two things: fathering Zeus and trying to eat his children. Marvel’s version of the god spells his name with a K and is less monstrous, but not one to be trifled with. Kronos is considered the oldest of the Eternals and just so happens to be the master of time within the Marvel continuum. He also happened to found Titan and its people; he’s directly related to the villain Thanos. He’s even tried to orchestrate Thanos’s death on occasion.

Like most cosmic beings, Kronos is capable of performing whatever tomfoolery he wants; he possesses almost unlimited power. Maybe he’s not too malevolent, but his power is too great to exist in the MCU. After all, the MCU had a hard enough time getting audiences to wrap their heads around characters like Dormammu and Thanos, much less a transdimensional all-powerful being.


atum demogorge

Other names Atum has gone by are the God of the Sun and Devourer of Gods. Not especially welcoming names, Atum is the offspring of Gaea and the Demiurge. When Atum was born, he possessed the powers of the sun and went about trying to murder the Elder Gods. He absorbed the power of each god he killed and evolved into the Demogorge. He then tried murdering most of the demons in the universe. Following that, Atum merged with the sun and sired Egyptian deities. It should also be noted he’s the father of Bast, the patron god of Wakanda and the Black Panther.

Like many cosmic being on this list, Atum would dwarf anything and everything the MCU’s heroes would throw at him. If you’re going to battle Elder God-destroying monsters, you’re going to need the help of beings who haven’t even been introduced to the MCU.


Nemesis is a character who may actually appear in the MCU at some point, but whether she should is another matter altogether. It’s been theorized that Nemesis was the one who created the Infinity Gems. At some point, she also committed suicide and turned into the Infinity Gems. Don’t ask questions, just roll with it. She would later get resurrected and be none too pleased with the state of the universe. With the ability to will anything to happen, since she contained the power of all the Infinity Gems, she nearly succeeded in wiping out everything.

Luckily, the Avengers, Adam Warlock, and Ultraforce were able to beat her. Since we’re already getting the Infinity Gauntlet in Infinity War, eventually someone is going to questions where these gems came from. Hopefully the answer isn’t Nemesis, because unlike Thanos, she won’t play around, killing everyone and everything instantaneously.



The counterpart to the cosmic entity Eternity, Abraxas is the embodiment of universal destruction. Since he couldn’t be left to run amok, Galactus was charged with keeping him in check; the power Galactus absorbed from the planets he devoured allowed him to do this. This being comics, Abraxas broke free. Mr. Fantastic defeated him by using the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy reality, which in turn destroyed Abraxas. Then somehow reality was restored…but that’s a story for another time!

The only weapon on tier with the Ultimate Nullifier is the Infinity Gauntlet, but we have yet to see whether it’s abilities mirror its comic book counterpart. It’s highly doubtful it would be able to destroy the totality of reality. So while the MCU’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy try and find a way to beat him, Abraxas will destroy planes of reality and galaxies…because those are things he’s already done!



The Gibborim might appear relatively harmless, but don’t let their looks deceive you; they’re as dangerous and scary as gods can be. They are a collective of Elder Gods who were also the last of an ancient giant race who ruled Earth before humanity; their goal is the extinction of all mankind. In their minds, billions of deaths would go a long way to making the planet clean once more and creating a new Eden for the holy Father.

There was then a whole thing about creating a group called the Pride, devouring the souls of murdered young women, the Runaways, and other ridiculousness, but the Gibborim are very deadly. Endowed with the power of resurrection, they can also travel through space and time, and are immune to physical, energy, and most magical attacks. There’s no way the current MCU is ready for such a threat.


Considered a Lord and Master of the extra-dimensional gods known as the Old Ones, Shuma-Gorath is one of Marvel’s most singularly horrifying entities. Sickeningly powerful, his primary adversary is Doctor Strange, but rest assured, Shuma-Gorath likely cannot be killed. When Marvel created him, he was intended to be the most powerful malevolent magical god in Marvel Comics. In its home dimension, Shuma-Gorath is omnipotent as he is the reality he dwells in. His power is so great, even characters like Mephisto is nothing next to him. Think of a power and Shuma-Gorath likely possesses it.

There’s no way the MCU would ever include the monstrosity. Not to mention how he looks like he crawled out of a child’s nightmare, Shuma-Gorath is too powerful; his mere presence is enough to destroy galaxies. The MCU has never seen anything like the Old One and wouldn’t know what to do if it did.


all father ultron

We’ve already been privy to watching Ultron try and bring ruin to the planet Earth. With an impressive army of deadly robots at his disposal and a body comprised of gnarly metals, he nearly succeeded in defeating the Avengers. What’s worse than Ultron? An Ultron endowed with all of Asgard’s powers and the power of Odin himself.

In an alternate timeline in the year 2420, a new Ultron appeared, killed the Avengers attacked Asgard, and stole the power of Odin in the process. Even though three Thors, two Mjiolnirs, Doctor Doom, and a small army of heroes eventually beat him, the very idea of an All-Father Ultron is about as horrifying as they come. Even the MCU’s mightiest heroes wouldn’t be able to withstand such a character for more than a couple seconds. It would be game over in short order, leaving the godly Ultron to pontificate life’s meaning.



While the chances of seeing the X-Men villain Cyttorak are slim to none, it wouldn’t be a completely foreign idea to give him a different name and slightly different look. Regardless, Cyttorak is way too powerful and frightening a character for the current MCU. Described as a several billion-year-old abstract mystical entity, Cyttorak is a being of nigh limitless magical might who dwells in the Crimson Cosmos in the Outer Plane.

Cyttorak is most famously known for using the Juggernaut as his avatar on Earth. One of Earth’s strongest villains, the Juggernaut’s power is still only a fraction of Cyttorak’s might. Even Oblivion, one of Marvel’s strongest abstract beings, cannot match up to Cyttorak. While he’s not all-powerful, few beings in Marvel’s repertoire can challenge him. The MCU heroes would really need to step up their game to uncover a way to stop Cyttorak or the Juggernaut.



Chthon is an Elder God and Archdemon and one of the few to resist Atum’s universal onslaught. Living in a nether dimension next to the earthly plane of existence, Chthon is responsible for supernatural creature like werewolves, vampires, and witches. Written appropriately, creepy monsters could work in the MCU. Chthon’s traditional portrayal of the Devi, probably not so much; someone will get offended.

At maximum power Chthon is omnipotent and the master of the most powerful and destructive forms of magic in existence. His mere presence once killed Doctor Strange (goodbye Benedict Cumberbatch!), and Eternity likened Chthon to a cancer that threatens the universe. If Chthon appeared in the MCU, it wouldn’t be a task for the regular Avengers, but the likes of Doctor Strange. Either way, introducing Chthon also introduces various nightmare dimensions, which is going to keep plenty of children awake at night.


Lord Chaos

While you can’t have Lord Chaos without Master Order, for our purposes we’re going to focus on the former character. Born along each other, Lord Chaos and Master Order embody the very concepts their names imply. Lord Chaos is not known for being overly benevolent, spending time looking for ways to spread chaos throughout the cosmos. His power is such that Lord Chaos can control and manipulate time, reality, space, etc.

Not too long ago, Lord Chaos and his brother killed the Living Tribunal (the Judge of Marvel’s multiverse) to take his place and administer their own laws throughout the multiverse. They even fused into a more powerful being known as Logos. Cosmic entities of Lord Chaos’s scale are too powerful for the MCU; there simply aren’t any heroes, or enough of them, to stand up to such beings.

Which of these gods would you like see on-screen? Let us know in the comments!

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