'Gods of Egypt' Adds Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Rush, the artist occasionally known as Captain Barbossa, has just become a god.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar-winning actor has been cast in a lead role in Gods of Egypt, director Alex Proyas' tale of ancient and divine vengeance, starring Game of Thrones antihero Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Also new to the cast is Gerard Butler, late of 300, in another pivotal role.

The film takes place in ancient Egypt, as the title implies, and centers on a bloody feud between the gods. When the vicious Set kills his brother Osiris, Osiris' son Horus sets out for vengeance. (That was a mouthful.) When he fails, it's up to a young human thief to assist in defeating the deadly Set.

Coster-Waldau was previously cast in the role of Horus, while Butler is on board to play the villainous Set. Rush, meanwhile, is Ra, the sun god and father of both Set and Osiris.

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