The Almighty: 20 All-Powerful Marvel Gods That Could Change Everything About Phase Four

Gods are something the MCU has explored in small chunks in its lifetime. Thor himself is the God of Thunder, and his connection to Asgard opened the MCU to the Norse pantheon. There was Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and that was about it. Most of the MCU films deal with smaller characters and focus mostly on Earth, thus don't embrace the more cosmic and all-powerful side of Marvel's history -- there's a whole universe out there. However, the MCU is slowly expanding to include crazier elements from the comics. With the exploration of Thanos complete with a tease to the Eternals (who are scheduled to get their own film), it seems that more gods could be on the way in Phase Four. These gods could radically change the structure of the MCU, either by opposing Earth's Mightiest Heroes or serving as some neutral sentient being. Since Thanos' arrival, the rules are out the door and anything seems possible.

There are plenty of gods that could make an appearance in the MCU's Phase Four, but we're focusing on those that would be more likely based on characters we've already seen in the MCU as well as what we think makes the most sense. We are also including gods that are already in the MCU, as even their powers can be explored further or changed with the new era of the MCU. With that out of the way, we're looking at 20 all-powerful Marvel gods that could change everything about Phase Four.

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Eternity is a cosmic entity who represents eternity itself (big shocker, we know). As such, its powers are nearly limitless. Eternity can do just about anything it wants to and has the appearance to match. While Eternity hasn't been teased in the MCU thus far, it would be a logical step if the movies start to get bigger.

After Thanos, the only way to make things more interesting is by introducing stronger cosmic beings. That would eventually lead to an appearance from Eternity. While we don't think it would serve as an antagonist, Eternity would be a good candidate to show up in a Doctor Strange film to converse with Stephen.


Gaea is the mother of just about all life in the universe. She was there alongside her brother before any other life appeared. What makes her so special that is that she eventually met up with Odin and became the mother of Thor, which explains where he got his insane powers.

While Frigga has always been thought of as Thor's mother in the MCU, it wouldn't be illogical to think that Gaea was the one the entire time. It could give Thor another connection to his heritage and allow a crazy adventure to ensue. It wouldn't be the first time Odin lied to Thor.


Hercules is one of the most notable characters from Greek/Roman mythology, and he has appeared in both Marvel and DC Comics. However, it is the Marvel Comics version that got a bit more attention. Hercules was one of the strongest characters in the universe and his heritage makes him a Greek version of Thor in a lot of ways.

If the MCU needed another god-like character to follow, we think Hercules would be the hero Marvel chooses. Furthermore, Hercules has already been a member of the Avengers in the comics, meaning that it would be fitting for him to be a part of a new roster.



If Marvel decides to introduce a new character like Hercules or explore Greek/Roman pantheons in any way, we think Ares would be an excellent candidate for a film appearance. As opposed to the antagonistic role he took in DC's Wonder Woman, Ares is more of an antihero, simply living for the thrill of battle while having his own moral system.

Ares would be a nice counter to Hercules or as the star of his own film. There could be a lot of complex ideas explored with this sort of character. It would also be quite easy for the MCU version to differentiate itself from the Worlds of DC version, as that one wasn't too interesting anyway.


The Asgardians have fought more than just Norse villains. There existed one Japanese deity that gave them a lot of grief. Amatsu-Mikaboshi was a godlike entity that existed in its own dimension. Eventually, it made it into the main Marvel Universe, where it fought with Thor and the Warriors Three and later with Hercules.

Being such a powerful threat between those two prominent characters, Mikaboshi would make a great villain for the MCU. It's fierce, frightening, and would make for an excellent and scary reveal. In the comics, Mikaboshi was able to kill Zeus. Imagine the damage it would do in the movies.


Not much more needs to be said about Galactus. He's just about as infamous a villain as Thanos at this point. A Celestial known for consuming planets, any time Galactus comes to Earth, it's an "all hands on deck" type of situation. Now that Marvel has access to FOX's characters, Galactus' reign in the MCU is about to begin in our opinion.

Not only would he be a crowdpleasing follow-up to Thanos, but there are already threads to establish his appearance. Celestials already exist, meaning that a perfect catalyst is there to introduce him. It also means that Silver Surfer would make his MCU debut, which has us all excited.


Surtur MCU

Surtur is one of the few gods on this list that already appeared in the MCU. He was in Thor: Ragnarok as the leader of his own realm. At the end of the film, he destroyed Asgard, presumably destroying himself as well. However, we don't think it would be that easy to keep Surtur down.

There's chance that his crown is still out there, which would make it easy for someone to find it and bring Surtur back once more. Surtur would make for an excellent foe for a fourth Thor movie, where he and his friends have to hunt down this villain and extinguish him once and for all.


Thor Ragnarok

Thor is the most prominent character on this list. Already being a featured hero in the MCU, there's no reason to believe (as of right now) that Thor won't appear in Phase Four. Furthermore, he went through serious power spikes in both Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, effectively becoming the strongest Avenger to date.

If he survives Avengers: Endgame, it's likely he'll still have a big impact on the MCU going forward. Future stories might see him finding the remaining Asgardians and rebuilding the city or even working with the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop more cosmic threats.


Not to be confused with the One Above All, the One-Above-All (yes, it's very confusing that there are two) is the creator entity for the entire Marvel Universe. At has any power and ability at its disposal, able to do whatever it wants whenever it wants. There is no one strong enough to take on the One-Above-All.

This omnipresent entity would be a great addition to the MCU's Phase Four. While it would be impractical to give it a bigger role outside of a worshiped figure or even a cameo, its appearance alone would change the game in the MCU. If it manages to make an appearance, then anything is possible.


Kronos was one of the Eternals, already having some impressive abilities at his disposal. However, a powerful explosion destroyed his body, but the energy left his mind intact. At that point, he became a deity that had no need for a physical form. He was suddenly all-powerful and could make almost anything happen just through sheer desire.

With the Eternals already coming to the MCU, Kronos would make for a good addition. His actions in the comics are also connected to both Drax the Destroyer and Thanos, two characters that are already in the MCU. Introducing Kronos would be easy.


The Phoenix Force is described as the spark that drove Creation, having the power to both give life and purge the universe. As such, this entity possesses other beings and uses them as catalysts to achieve its goal. The Phoenix Force has innumerable effects on whichever universe it resides in.

With the X-Men on the way to the MCU, it's possible that we could see the effects of the Phoenix Force in Phase Four. While we probably won't get an MCU adaptation of "The Dark Phoenix Saga", we could still see it have a ripple effect. It could end up serving as a separate antagonist. Either way, the Phoenix Force has a good chance.


Tyr is one of the most powerful warriors in Norse mythology, and he was also one of the strongest gods in Marvel's version of Asgard. Tyr was the brother of Thor and another secret child of Odin's. While rehashing the whole "secret child" plot once more in a Thor film would feel a bit overdone, introducing Tyr wouldn't be too difficult.

There was a brief cameo for Tyr in Thor: The Dark World who was initially thought to have a larger role in the film. With the destruction of Asgard, Tyr could be one of the survivors of Thanos' attack, and thus have greater importance in Phase Four.


Loki was always a constant threat in Marvel Comics, but he didn't leave the world without having a legacy or two. One of his children was a serpent that was banished to Earth. However, the change in scenery caused this serpent to grow so large that it could circle the whole globe with its length alone.

Jormungand was the serpent's name, and it proved to be a real challenge for Thor. With Loki now out of the MCU, we could see the lasting effects of his presence in Phase Four. If not as a child of Loki (that would be a bit hard to believe), Jormungand could be a foe that we see as a result of Thor trying to protect the Nine Realms as his father once did.


Ymir Frost Giant Thor Ron Frenz

One race that hasn't been seen in the MCU in a while is the Frost Giants from Thor. After Loki destroyed Laufey and threatened their entire existence, it's possible that they could've been biding their time, waiting to enact their vengeance. That's where we think we could see the most powerful one of them all, Ymir.

While Ymir is more associated with the Ice Giants (yes, they're different), the distinction is so small that it would be easy to include him as a Frost Giant. He could be a new Frost Giant that took over after Laufey's demise and go straight for Thor and what's left of Asgard.


Stan Lee The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is one of the most powerful beings in the Multiverse, being an entity focused on maintaining balance. It serves as the judge for all living things, and it can achieve whatever it needs to within seconds. There have been some theories going around that the Living Tribunal will be appear in Avengers: Endgame to essentially judge Thanos for his actions against the universe.

Even if it doesn't appear in the film, there's a good chance it could show up in the future. After all, Mordo used the Staff of the Living Tribunal in Doctor Strange, confirming that the entity exists somewhere in the cosmos.


Most Spider-Man films explore the daily struggles of Peter Parker and his many villains, but none (of the live-action ones) have explored any of the lore outside of that. There's no connection to the Multiverse or hints to other spider people in the world. That's where we think the MCU could start to differentiate its version of Spider-Man from both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

This powerful spider god is the one that turned Peter Parker into Spider-Man and has a greater connection to all spider people in the Multiverse. Using Anansi would be an interesting way to explore different parts of Spidey lore.


There are a lot of Egyptian gods in the Marvel Universe and picking just one of them for this list would be tough. None of them seem quite superior to the others enough to warrant an appearance above the rest. That said, it's possible that we could see one in the MCU in Phase Four. As the movies explore more about the various gods, giving the Egyptian Pantheon some representation could go a long way.

Whether it be giving the god devourer Atum a cameo appearance to coincide with Mikaboshi or have Doctor Strange talk to Thoth about wisdom, there are so many possibilities with this pantheon.


Dormammu is one of the few MCU villains that has yet to be formally defeated. He was merely tricked into leaving in Doctor Strange, but he still exists in the Dark Dimension, likely planning a second attack on Earth. Based on Dormammu's appearance alone, it's clear that this god has a lot of power.

The Ancient One was so strong because she drew from his own dimension. We think that Phase Four would be a great time to bring him back. He could either be a foe for the entire Avengers to face or a recurring villain in Doctor Strange 2.


Vishanti is one of the strongest gods in Doctor Strange lore. Being composed of three beings, there is all sorts of knowledge, wisdom, and power behind Vishanti. Those living in the Sanctum Sanctorum have access to the Book of Vishanti, learning all of the things they discovered before becoming an all-knowing entity.

We already know that Doctor Strange 2 is happening, and as we explore more about Stephen Strange's life as the Sorcerer Supreme, seeing Vishanti is probably only a matter of time. It could be as simple as the bearer of a dimension for good wizards to draw their power from, essentially like the Dark Dimension but with better results.



The powers of the Black Panther don't come from just anywhere. They are essentially overseen by the Panther God known as Bast. Bast was initially an Egyptian god, but she is more associated with Wakanda in Marvel Comics. She has appeared as a white panther to help fight as well.

The MCU's Black Panther movie didn't delve too much into the presence of Bast, but it's likely that as T'Challa denies the counsel of those that came before him, he could either seek the counsel of or be reprimanded by Bast as the one who granted the power of the Black Panther in the first place.

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