The son of Darkseid, Orion is one of the strongest New Gods. He’s defeated Superman, killed Darkseid himself, and is privy to a long list of impressive feats. With a temper as hot as the Sun, even heroes like Superman and Green Lantern are a little on edge in his

presence Let it be said, Batman doesn’t fear gods, be they New or old.

In Cosmic Odyssey, Darkseid summons several heroes, Superman and Batman included, to go and find aspects of the Anti-Life equation before they destroy the universe. At one point Batman teams up with Forager, a humble bipedal human-sized bug from New Genesis, to disable a bomb. Forager dies in the attempt, sacrificing himself to save the galaxy. Later, Orion speaks smugly of Forager. Enraged, Batman punches Orion right in the face, shocking everyone and Orion most of all. Chastened, Orion leaves, unwilling to take the confrontation further.

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