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Goddard Compares Stalled “Sinister Six” Script To “The Dirty Dozen”

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Goddard Compares Stalled “Sinister Six” Script To “The Dirty Dozen”

In his revealing chat with IGN, writer/director Drew Goddard opened up on a number of projects that could have been. He talked about his early talks with Marvel regarding “Daredevil,” the Netflix series that he stepped away from in order to concentrate his efforts on Sony’s then in-development “Sinister Six” film. That project evaporated when Marvel and Sony made a deal to join forces and reboot the wall-crawler into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, but Goddard still has strong feelings for his abandoned “Sinister Six” project.

When asked how he managed to write a script starring six supervillains given the fact that in most superhero films, the quality lessens with the more bad guys added, Goddard said: “I know what you’re talking about and I agree. When you’re doing just a straightforward superhero movie, you don’t need a lot of villains. The focus is on one guy. I think with ‘Sinister,’ it’s different. To me it’s less about too many villains and more about too many antagonists and there’s a distinction. You never say, like, ‘The Dirty Dozen’ has too many characters. They’re all villains, or you could argue that. But they’re protagonists. The trick with ‘Sinister,’ is that I was making everyone the protagonist and less about six-on-one and more about coming at it a little differently. That was the idea.”

He also talked about making sure the characters weren’t any less evil just because they were in the spotlight. “You have to be true to it. You can still have protagonists be evil. That’s the secret. Look at something like, say, ‘Reservoir Dogs.’ They’re protagonists but Michael Madsen is a complete psychopath! It’s OK, you can do both.”

Goddard also spoke to the similarity between his screenplay and Warner Bros.’ “Suicide Squad” film currently on its way into theaters.

“I love [‘Suicide Squad’ director] David Ayer. I think he makes spectacular movies,” said Goddard. “But David Ayer is a very different filmmaker than I am and it’s nice because then you think, well, he’s going to make his movie and it’ll shine but it’ll be different. They can all co-exist.”

Goddard remained mum about which six villains he included in his script, maybe because he still hopes to get the thing made one day under the new Marvel/Sony deal.

“It’s a long game. It could still happen,” said Goddard, a filmmaker that has experience with waiting for projects to happen. “It’s certainly not going to happen soon… but I’ve learned, look, ‘Cabin in the Woods,’ we went into bankruptcy and had to stay on the shelf for a couple of years. It’s OK.”

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