What Would Happen if God of War's Kratos Had Thor's Mighty Mjolnir?


This week marks the long awaited release of God of War, the latest entry in the long running PlayStation series. The new game, which serves as a soft reboot of the franchise, sees protagonist Kratos attempt to connect with his young son Atreus on their quest to scatter the ashes of his recently dead wife on the highest peak in all the realms.

What makes things decidedly more complicated isn't just that Kratos has no idea to break it to his son that he was at one point a deity, it's that they're embarking on this quest in Scandinavia during the time of Norse gods. It's been established by the developers at Sony Santa Monica that Odin and his ilk are aware of Kratos' past in the game, though they've been cagey about which members of the pantheon will show up. Whoever does arrive, it seems a given that Thor will feature in some capacity, even if he's not physically seen. And while there's nothing saying the game's weapon will operate like Marvel's version, it's fun to consider what the Godkiller would be like if he were to say, be worthy of carrying the comic book God of Thunder's mighty hammer, Mjolnir.

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It would be easy to say that Kratos would be considered unworthy, given all the murders he's committed. All the same, it's not like he would be the first mass murderer to have held Mjolnir; last year saw Captain America become a Nazi, and he was able to lift it with no problem. Likewise in Thanos' solo comic set in a potential far future, the Silver Surfer, a man who has literally just shown up at planets to prepare for them to be eaten, was able to wield the mighty weapon after he'd gone on a long quest to redeem himself. Prior to becoming a hero, the original Red Hulk got to hold it himself, and Magneto in the Ultimate Marvel universe used his powers to pick up the thing shortly before he decided to try and wipe out the planet.

Over seven games and 13 years, Kratos has done a lot to make the prospect of him holding this hammer terrifying. In Jason Aaron's current run of Thor books, it's been shown that Mjolnir has a pull to it, an addiction that makes it hard to put down. Jane Foster knew this intimately, as each time she became Thor, the cancer in her body became stronger; Volstagg, who became the War Thor for a short time, grew more bloodthirsty from wielding the Mjolnir of the Ultimate Universe.

Knowing Kratos' luck, he would more than likely end up with a hammer like the one War Thor wielded, leading to yet another line of grisly kills. During his Greek run, Kratos's kills varied greatly, including, but not limited to murdering his family, beating Poseidon to death with his bare hands, ripping off Helios' head, slicing off Hermes' legs, punching Hercules' face to a meaty pulp with giant gauntlets, dropping a man into the mouth of a dead Hydra, and plunging all of Olympus into destruction and chaos. He would be the absolute worst person to hold a magical hammer that summons lightning.

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