Go Hero and Bluewater Productions are boarding a ship and setting forth to discover all new collectibles of MYTHIC PROPORTIONS! Take up your swords and grab your guns, as you venture into uncharted worlds of fantasy and science fiction, starring the iconic characters of visionary master Ray Harryhausen and the Bluewater universe! The collectibles and apparel are based off of Bluewater's titles as well as the "Ray Harryhausen Presents" series.

Bluewater unearths the beloved stories, heroes, and monsters including Vincent Price, Perseus in "Wrath of the Titans", "Sinbad: Rogue of Mars", "Jason and the Argonauts: Kingdom of Hades", "Back to Mysterious Island", "20 Million Miles More", "Flying Saucers VS. the Earth" , "10th Muse", "Isis" and more!!!

The all new voyages begin with:

All new collectibles and apparel abound from the inspiration of Ray Harryhausen, the secret lab of Go Hero, and the pages of Bluewater's Comics! On top of the Harryhausen properties look for collectibles on other Bluewater titles such as "10th Muse" and "Legend of Isis." For news on apparel, more collectibles, comics, sneak peeks, and exclusives, visit: www.gohero.com and www.bluewaterprod.com

"I am so excited to be teaming up with Go Hero on these. This partnership is going to be really amazing. I have seen what they have done with the Buck Rogers figure and can't wait to see the final products on the Bluewater universe." - Darren G. Davis, Bluewater Comics publisher.

"I am thrilled to be teaming up with Darren and Bluewater, another company who strives to pay homage to the best of fantasy and sci-fi! Ray Harryhausen is a genuine national treasure and shaped my love for monsters, heroes, and superb character design. Ray Harryhausen has defined the cinematic visions of the greatest tales, myths, and legends. It is a dream to be able to reverently partake in this iconic institution." - Steve Forde, Go Hero owner and designer.

The prototype of the Sinbad figure will be available for viewing this weekend at Wizard World Chiacgo in the Go Hero booth. Learn more about the fantastic worlds of Ray Harryhausen at www.rayharryhausen.com

About Bluewater Productions:

Bluewater Productions, Inc. is one if the top independent production studios of comic, young adult books and graphic novel titles. In the tradition of great storytelling and cutting edge art, Bluewater storms onto the comic book and graphic novel scene. With more titles than ever, including smash hits such as the "10th Muse,"" VSS," and the "Legend of Isis", Bluewater is poised to continue to produce engaging stories with art from the top names in the industry alongside up and coming stars.

As of May 2007, Bluewater Productions, Inc. moved from production studio to publisher, in conjunction with legendary filmmaker, Ray Harryhausen -- the genius behind some of the greatest movie magic of all-time, while continuing to publish it's popular superhero line starring it's flagship character the "10th Muse."

About Go Hero:

Go Hero is an independent toy & entertainment company at the forefront of the vanguard movement in designer collectibles, making original and licensed lifestyle products. Their products, art, and designs have been featured in several leading edge books, magazines, online publications including Sci-fi Channel, MTV Books, Wizard Publications, Lee's Toy Review, Dot Dot Dash, Full Vinyl, and many others.

In 2007 Go Hero began work on creating retro collectibles based on the first sci-fi comic hero, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. In 2008, Go Hero will debut a line of 1:6 scale collectibles and a popping-sparking replica of the Atomic Disintegrator ray-gun.

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