Go Go Power Rangers #23 Preview Opens on a Massive Showdown

Writer Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace and Francesco Mortarino's Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #23 is set to continue the ongoing "Necessary Evil" event, which has been putting the team to the ultimate test. BOOM! Studios released a preview of the issue, and it shows a showdown between some of the book's biggest players

You can see the preview and read the plot summary below. Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #23 features a main cover by Ivan Shavrin with variants from Miguel Mercado and Johanna the Mad, among others.

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As the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers struggle to save Angel Grove from the fearsome War Bunny without Jason, the Blue Emissary forces the Red Ranger to confront surprising villains from his Shattered Grid past and shocking Necessary Evil future—kicking off the events that will result in the creation of a brand new team with a secret mission to save the galaxy—the Omega Rangers!

Created by Haim Saban in 1993, Power Rangers is one of the longest running franchise in history. In addition to a number of TV shows, the team has featured in video games, movies and various other media over the years. BOOM! Studios' current line has been running since 2016.

Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #23 releases September 11.

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