"Go Girl!" A No Go: Low Orders Kill Series Before First Issue

[Go-Girl]It's a rough market for kid-friendly comics, especially girl-friendly ones. Witness the cancellation of DC Comics' "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.," of Image Comics' "Adventures of Evil and Malice," and the struggles of Marvel Comics' MC2 line.

And sometimes, the books don't even get that far.

"It is breaking my heart to have to tell you this, but low orders from the retailers have killed 'GoGirl!' before she even had a chance to be born," "GoGirl!" writer Trina Robbins told the Comic Wire on Sunday. "To say I'm feeling frustrated and bitter is to be putting it mildly. 'GoGirl!' was not given a chance because she's a girls' comic."

The series was to have been published by Image Comics this spring.

Fans shouldn't give up hope yet, though:

"Our creative group, however, believes that the fat lady has not yet sung, and we're looking for a possible black and white publisher."

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