Go-Bots Vs. Transformers: 20 Dank Memes To Finally Settle The Score

gobot transformer memes

Transformers versus Go-Bots! Which one was better? The answer is Transformers. Goodnight! Of course we're joking (kind of). It was never about which toy was better because both offered diverse characters and backstories. That being said, did you really come here for level-headed rationality or did you come here to see some brutal memes pitting Autobots and Decepticons versus Guardians and Renegades? Given all of the reboots and relaunches happening in the movies and on Netflix, the Transformers and Go-Bots may be back sooner than you think; so if you thought the debate was over, guess again! The loser goes to the scrap heap!

Not only do you get to see some snarky comments in this article, you also get to see some of your favorite memes in action! Come see what Bad Luck Brian, Morpheus, Boromir, The Confession Bear and more have to say about Transformers as well as Go-Bots. Some people may thumb their noses at all of the silly names that the Go-Bots had such as Cy-Kill. Cop-Tur and Stretch, others may be off-put at how Transformers can't seem to get scale and size relationships down. Either way we guarantee something for everyone as CBR takes a look at 20 Transformers Vs. Go-Bots memes.

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Know your memes! Bad Luck Brian was dealt a bad hand of cards since birth. His real name is Kyle and thanks to his friend Ian Davies he's now immortalized as the kid who took the SAT but forgot to use a number 2 pencil as well as eating his favorite meal only to get food poisoning. In a 2012 Reddit AMA, Kyle actually claimed in real life he was quite lucky, at one point winning an XBox 360 as well as meeting actor Seth Rogen. Here in this meme we see Bad Luck Brian being the victim of his parents not paying more attention to his birthday request.

We've all had those moments where your parents try and get you a gift but mess it up due to their unfamiliarity with the toy. A robot that transforms from a vehicle into a robot back into a vehicle... how many could there be? It seems like an honest mistake thinking that Leader-1 or Cy-Kill are Transformers. Of course, Transformers, 9 out of 10 times, wound up being the cooler toys, so as much as we may want to scoff at Bad Luck Brian getting Scooter when he wanted Bumblebee, it's an easy mistake for a parent to make and at least we appreciate the effort. We also hoped you kept the receipt because we're going to make you go back to the toy store and get us a legit Transformer.


When placed side by side, Transformers seemed like the better purchase. Autobots would transform into cars that were significantly larger than such Go-Bot characters as Turbo or Crasher. Although some of the Go-Bots were made of metal, the overall production, packaging and presentation of Transformers had a better perceived value to it. If you place their movie versions next to each other, Transformers: The Movie puts a robo-stomp on Go-Bots: Battle of the Rock Lords every day of the week. Let's not also forget that the live action Michael Bay Transformers franchise has earned over $4 billion at the box office.

Saying that Go-Bots are the K-Mart of Transformers does a double slap against both K-Mart as well as Transformers. In K-Mart's defense, it's not like you're shopping at a 99 cent bargain basement, but you're also not going to buy diamond-encrusted silverware from them anytime soon. The Go-Bots and Transformers had radically different worlds and storylines, so saying that the Go-Bots are a knock-off version of the Transformers is inaccurate. Just because they both transform into robots from vehicles doesn't mean they're directly related to each other. We're also going to need a clean up on aisle four.


People want their brand to be the best, and because of this you have lots of fighting over trivial stuff. Which is better: Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Which franchise is better: Star Wars or Star Trek? Can you watch Justice League and still be a fan of the Avengers? At the end of the day you can like what you like, but if you tell us that you were a huge fan of the 2011 film Green Lantern we may have to cancel our cosplaying event scheduled with you for next week. Thank goodness that in the battle between Go-Bots and Transformers cooler heads can prevail?

Know your memes! Morpheus was first introduced to audiences in the 1999 film The Matrix as a mentor to Neo, the man that would eventually bring an end to the robotic slavery of humanity. Pulling Neo out of the Matrix and into reality could be traumatizing for anyone, so it took the soothing yet firm voice of Morpheus to get Neo calm and focused to train for the long fight ahead. We could use Morpheus right now to let us know that in the long run there's nothing wrong with liking Go-Bots and the Transformers. We can't help thinking though that Morpheus said this after taking the blue pill.


When the Transformers animated show came out in 1984, kids enjoyed watching the battles between the Deceptions and the Autobots on Earth. In 2007, the live-action Transformers was made and there were a number of very clear changes. Instead of the sleek looking Transformers from the cartoon, the robots featured in the movie had lots of moving parts and gears to the point where it became hard to tell the robots apart. The cool Transformers noise heard when changing from vehicle to robot was also gone. A lot of these changes to their appearance could be due to the vision of one man: Michael Bay.

Michael Bay loves explosions, and even made a commercial that poked fun at his love of things going boom. Such films as Armageddon, The Rock, and Bad Boys II show awesome action scenes that depict style over substance. Many people loved Michael Bay's Transformers but many people that experienced the show growing up found the movie to be unrecognizable and devoid of some of the campy charm that the animated show had. Between a live action Go-Bot movie directed by Michael Bay versus not being in a movie at all, it seems like some Go-Bots would rather self-terminate.


Sometimes the world just isn't fair; people can ask you to do things that can't be done with the time or resources that you have. Chances are, your boss has asked you to get something done in 15 minutes that normally takes hours, or your friend asks you to help them move, even though you know you'll need 100 more people than just you. Sometimes you need to pause, sit the person down, and explain to them basic laws of physics, sometimes even basic common sense.

Thanks to Boromir from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, we get this meme that tries to explain that it's a little more complex than just comparing the two toys to each other. In the scene, Boromir tried to explain to the Council of Elrond that you just can't walk into Mordor and chuck the ring into Mount Doom. Same thing with Transformers vs. Go-Bots: both toys have very different animated series and backstories. How do you compare the Guardians, whose leader is a fighter jet, to the Autobots, who had a truck as their commanding officer? One does not simply compare a truck to a jet or Optimus Prime to Leader-1.


Why is this dog smiling? Is he "smiling" because although he's saying he likes Go-Bots it's actually a lie? Or is the dog being snarky and saying that Transformers and Go-Bots are the same thing? Granted, both Transformers and Go-Bots feature robots that transform into vehicles, the two toylines are quite different. However, perhaps the dog is smarter than we think, because if you want to get technical about it, Transformers and Go-Bots are actually the same thing because both toys are owned by the same company (no, it's not Disney)!

The company Tonka produced Go-Bots and Hasbro made the Transformers. However, in 1991 Hasbro pulled a Disney-like maneuver, took over Tonka and now had complete supremacy over robots that turned into vehicles... to a degree. To make things slightly complex, Hasbro may own the trademarks to the characters but the character designs belong to a different company called Bandi. We wonder if Tonka will try and buy all of the rights in a similar way to how Disney bought Fox to get the cinematic rights back to almost all of the remaining Marvel characters. There have been some Go-Bot appearances in the Transformer world: the Transformer Fracture is based on the Go-Bot Crasher and Hasbro-owned Playskool released Transformers: GoBots in 2002.


What the heck are we looking at? Is this a meme? Is this a fantasy? Is this an amazing dream in which robots are fashion conscious and often frequent robotic haberdasheries? Yes he is wearing a hat and no he's not a Transformer. You're looking at one of the coolest Go-Bots around, but why would he be wearing a metal top hat? This beautiful being goes by the name Tux, but he also is called Stretch due to the fact that he transforms from a robot into a stretch limousine. We love a good pun and we're totally down with this dude's name. Honest.

Let's also be clear: Stretch is not a good guy. Cy-Kill gave Go-Bot technology to several crime bosses on Earth, and the gangster known as Murchison rode around in Tux. Tux stole gold from the National Deposit and at one point, along with Murchison, actually tried to invade Washington, DC! It's unfortunate that such a cool robot wound up being a Renegade, and we wished that Stretch started a trend of Go-Bots wearing hats. Even Transformers could get in on the action! If Optimus Prime can have a battle mask covering his mouth, why can't Tux walk around like Macklemore? Can he trade in his blasters for a cane and a cape?


The Go-Bots Command Center was an impressive toy, and the commercial for it hilariously insists that your parents put it together, so you kids better sit on your hands while your parents figure out how to make this sucker work. It's an all-terrain vehicle in which the wheel treads lengthen to form legs, allowing it climbing and walking abilities. When it sits upright the belly opens up revealing a variety of rooms that puts the tiny ping pong table in Optimus Prime's trailer to shame. The Command Center also looks a lot like the AT-AT Walkers that attacked the rebel base on the ice planet Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

The All-Terrain Armored Transports were deployed by Darth Vader to destroy the Rebel base on the planet. Because of the freezing cold and wind, the ability to travel on Hoth was limited. Although the Empire could have come in with tanks, AT-ATs are used because their size and method of movement makes them look like giant creatures lumbering towards you, and the Empire tries to make people afraid of them whenever they can. We wonder what happens when the Rebels look inside and find not Darth Vader but a very upset Leader-1!


Know your memes! The Confession Bear is often used as a meme to admit that you like something that is rather unpopular, embarrassing or even controversial. Did photojournalist Clemens Bilan know back in 2007 when they were taking a picture of this Malaysian sun bear that it would be used by people to admit they like the smell of their own feet, or that they were admittedly too lazy to return your emails even though they saw that they were urgent? It's only fitting that the Confession Bear be used to admit one's love for Go-Bots, including their catchy jingle at the beginning of the episode.

The Transformers intro utilized some classic 1980s electronica, proclaiming that they were robots in disguise. The intro to Challenge of the Go-Bots had horns blaring and a chorus of voices mightily chanting the name of the franchise. Is there really a shame in liking Go-Bots? If a hipster can like something before it was cool, then Confession Bear can proudly speak behalf of the closeted fan that doesn't feel their voice will be heard. Confession Tiger and Confession Kid on the other hand are staying tight-lipped about what toys they collected back in the 1980s.


Raise your hand if you're a fan of shipping your favorite fictional characters together? Now raise your other hand if you don't know what shipping is. Derived from the word relationship, shipping involves fan fiction that that pairs together two characters that don't normally romantically go together. Fans often enjoy shipping Fox Mulder and Dana Scully together. Even such iconic characters as Kirk and Spock have been shipped (with the shorthand for this being K/S) as well as Xena: Warrior Princess with her sidekick Gabrielle. Casual shipping is put aside when you're talking about your OTP, the One True Pairing that you hold above all else.

Cy-Kill was the leader of the Renegades, the evil versions of the Go-Bots. His number one brute was Crasher, and she was as crazy as robots get. Instead of the normal attack of Go-Bots shooting energy from their fists, Crasher had the unique attack of stamping her foot on the ground, releasing an erratic energy discharge directed at her target. Crasher was a woman Go-Bot that was generally not treated differently by her fellow Renegades and put a stomp on the Guardians as good (if not better) than her male teammates. Perhaps shipping these characters together isn't such a bad idea after all. Let's face it, some folks find power hot. "After Crasher stomped her foot, the bolt of energy from the ground knocked Scooter unconscious. She turned to Cy-Kill and embraced him passionately over the bodies of Scooter's teammates..."


In the 2017 film Transformers: The Last Knight, audiences were introduced to Sqweeks, an Autobot that lived in the ruins of Chicago. Sqweeks looks like a crude combination of Wall-E, Johnny 5 from Short Circuit and the floating robot thingie from Disney's 1979 film The Black Hole. In a similar fashion to Bumblebee, Sqweeks is unable to talk properly but is still scrappy enough to survive in what remains of the former great Illinois city. He's always falling apart and is often repaired by his human friend Izabella. She is an orphan and uses her wits to keep herself safe amongst the rubble and debris.

In The Last Knight, Sqweeks was discovered by Megatron himself. As luck would have it, Sqweeks' last repair saw Izabella replace his damaged arm with a new one that had a Decepticon symbol on it. Megatron, after seeing the symbol let Sqweeks go. Megatron looked down on Sqweeks due to his size and fragility, and in this meme insult is added to injury by having the Decepticon leader ask if he's holding a Go-Bot in his hands, because to Megatron that's probably the lowest form of life that he knows about. Ouch, Megatron, you sure know how to kick a robot while he's down.


Before the conflict between the Renegades and the Guardians, Crasher admitted to having a crush on Leader-1. Apparently she had a thing for robots that turned into gray F-15 Eagle fighter jets. As they say, all is fair in love and war, and during times of war is when you sometimes find love. Who would be the perfect partner from the Transformers for Crasher? She's got a haunting laugh, she is manically violent and enjoys crushing her enemies. If she has a thing for leaders, how about Decepticon leader Megatron? They're both crazy and sadistic... it sounds like the perfect pairing. However this meme has a different pair in mind.

According to the meme, Crasher has a crush on Starscream. What qualities would make Starscream attractive to a Go-Bot? He has ambition, he can turn into a jet and isn't afraid to stab his leader in the back to get what he wants. We thought Crasher might like the strong, silent type like Soundwave or someone who loves destruction like members of the Insecticons or the Constructicons. Would it be weird if she wanted to date Devastator, but not Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster and Scavenger? Stop eyeballing Starscream, Crasher! We think you can do better!


Michael Bay knows how to make an entertaining movie. Bay has a fantastic eye for cinema, knows how to blow things up good, and has a lot of fun when it comes to casting. The first live action Transformers film came out in 2007 and had such great actors as Anthony Anderson, John Turturro, Jon Voight and of course Shia LaBeouf. Megan Fox was also present for the first two films of the franchise. The actors brought to their roles charisma, drama and comedy to add emotional value to their characters and to the film. Not every movie can be Avengers: Infinity War sporting dozens of main characters, so in lieu of awesome actors not every robot could make it to the big screen.

The Transformers had a number of memorable characters such as Bumblebee, Starscream, Megatron and Optimus Prime. However a great deal didn't make it to the big screen or it took several sequels until we saw them appear. Where was the awesome Omega Supreme? Why did we have to wait so long to see Devastator as well as Grimlock? As much as I may love seeing John Turturro in his underwear or seeing Mark Wahlberg in slow motion, why not have a few more Transformers at the expense of not seeing a human or two? Or possibly three?


The Transformers cartoon and comics had a number of problems that were never really addressed. One of the biggest issues were perspectives and relationships when it came to height. Megatron was the menacing leader of the Decepticons but when we transformed into a pistol he was small enough for even a human hand to hold him, yet when he was a robot he was just as tall as Starscream, who was the size of a jet. Soundwave, who transformed into a mini-cassette tape player, also stood as tall as every other Decepticon, so when it came to size the Transformers defy logic. Don't get us started on where Optimus Prime's trailers would go when he transformed into robot mode.

Here in this meme, we see Shockwave (not to be confused with Soundwave) riding on Starscream as he flies through the air. First off, the Transformers have the ability to fly while in robot mode so we're not sure why Shockwave is hitching a ride. Secondly, Shockwave transforms into a gun, and it would seem easier to fly around with a gun on his back opposed to a giant one-eyed robot with a laser gun for a hand. And isn't there a better way of flying on the jet instead of straddling it?


When you look at the live-action Transformers movies, you can definitely see how Michael Bay tried to modernize the series. The Autobots and Deceptions in the cartoon resembled their toy counterparts but also took liberties with their looks. Sometimes wheels would conveniently disappear or other parts would fold away to make it aesthetically pleasing. However, in Michael Bay's movies, the Transformers robot versions are extremely complex looking, making the robots looks like they're made out of millions of moving metal parts. Although cool looking to some, many die hard fans of the animated 1980s cartoon say that the new versions are unrecognizable when compared to the animated series.

This meme takes a shot at the look of the Transformers. They're so different from their original counterparts that they resemble robots from other movies, namely Avengers: Age of Ultron. Here we see Megatron doing massive damage to the vehicles around him, reacting to someone calling him Ultron, but admittedly the look and color are a little too close to each other. Are we sure that Disney hasn't bought Universal Studios as well? Could we see Megatron versus Tony Stark's Hulkbuster armor? The New Avengers did have a crossover with the Transformers back in 2007, and yes, Tony did have an Iron Man suit that transformed!


We've all had this before: an advertisement appears on television for food that gets you excited to buy it. You rush to the fast food restaurant and make your purchase, only to find that what you bought looks nothing like what was advertised. Rats, foiled again! Why can't things in real life look like how they were advertised? Granted, we know that advertisements use special lighting and lenses to make items appear larger, food more appetizing, and locations more glamorous, but sometimes we roll the dice only to end up getting buyer's remorse. It's even worse when we buy a toy and get something completely different.

The commercials and cartoons show toys differently than how they come out of the package. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, transforms from a mighty truck into an even mightier robot. The toy however feels a little flimsy and doesn't feel as menacing as he does on television voiced by Peter Cullen. The meme does capture the disappointment that a lot of people feel when buying a toy with a lot of hype around it: imagine hearing that a Transformer will be coming to your town only to find out that it's just a large circuit increasing the voltage of an alternating current.


Oh how can we end this vicious war between fans of Transformers versus those aligned with Go-Bots? Is there any middle ground that we can reach? In Game of Thrones, after the Greyjoys tried to take over the Iron Throne, Theon Greyjoy was sent to live with the Starks in order to ensure peace. Granted, there was legit an actual Transformer named Gobots, what can one side give to the other so that no more senseless Energon needs to be spilled in the name of peace? Surprisingly, the Transformers and Go-Bots have more in common than they do differences.

We present to you the God of Voices Frank Welker. If you have a favorite cartoon from your childhood we bet you Frank Welker's voice was present in it. Scooby-Doo? Tom and Jerry? The Real Ghostbusters? The Jetsons? Dungeons & Dragons? Johnny Bravo? Frank Welker can be heard in all of them and dozens more! For those fans wondering if Go-Bots and Transformers can co-exist, the answer is yes and we have Frank Welker to thank for it. Not only was he the voice of Megatron, the leader of the Deceptions, he was also the voice of the Guardian known as Scooter. If that won't bring together fans we don't know what will!


Why did the hipster burn his mouth on a cup of soup? He was drinking it before it became cool! On one hand hipsters are trendy, tattoo-wearing rebels to who go against what's popular, on the other hand their act of rebellion can be in a sense an act of conformity. Also they can be a little annoying sometimes. We get it, you're a gluten-free juggler who rides a unicycle to work to reduce your carbon footprint; you don't have to tell us for the 30th time! So if hipsters do things before they were cool and popular, could we consider Go-Bots hipster-cool?

Transformers first made their appearance in 1984 on television and in toy stores. However, Go-Bots hit the scene a year earlier in 1983. Arguably, you could say that Transformers were more popular, and as of 2018 the Transformers movie franchise has grossed over $4.3 billion in ticket sales alone. Although such 1980s shows as Voltron and She-Ra: Princess of Power have resurrected themselves on Netflix, we don't think we're going to see any Go-Bots reboots anytime soon. If you're looking at who did it best, you got the Transformers. If you're looking at who did it first, that would be the Go-Bots.


Yo, dawg, we hear you like Transformers. So we had cars that transform into robots transform into robots. The idea of vehicles turning into robots is already pretty cool, but how do you make it cooler? In the movie The Social Network, Justin Timberlake's character asked Mark Zuckerberg what's cooler than one million dollars? The answer was one billion dollars. So what's cooler than a vehicle transforming into a robot? How about five or six robots transforming into one giant robot? Menasor was the result of five Stunticons merging together, and Puzzler was formed by the combination of six G0-Bots.

There were other super-robots such as the Constructicons becoming Devastator, the Aerialbots becoming Superion and the Combaticons forming Bruticus. These toys were good in theory, because sometimes they just wouldn't work. Piling five to six robots together often resulted in a heavy toy with parts not staying on properly or not physically connecting at all. Because there are so many moving parts, sometimes form is sacrificed to function, with the six robots looking less like a super robot and more like a giant mound of twisted metal and plastic. Perhaps this is where Michael Bay got his visual inspiration for the live action Transformers. Kidding! We were just kidding!


If old cars go to the scrap heap, where do old Go-Bots go? Do they live out their lives as a vehicle on a used car lot, or do they stay as robots and find a quiet corner of the Earth to rust away at? Does a Go-Bot have any transferrable skills that might help them get jobs in other sectors? In the above meme, we see that Cy-Kill has taken some initiative to look for work that might diversify his portfolio (no doubt a portfolio of evil), but the Decepticons have turned the leader of the Renegades away.

To possibly add insult to injury, the Decepticons that are telling Cy-Kill to turn around aren't such heavy hitters as Starscream or Megatron, they're two of the transformed mini-cassette tapes that Soundwave ejects from his chests. Basically two Decepticon interns have told the main villain in the Go-Bots to hit the proverbial bricks. To add even more insult to injury, a defeated Cy-Kill asks where the Rock Lords' booth is, referring to the 1986 film Go-Bots: Battle of the Rock Lords. The movie came out five months before Transformers: The Movie and bombed at the box office. The revenue earned by Battle of the Rock Lords was also dwarfed by the billions earned by the live action version of the Transformers.

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