Glyn Dillon tweets preview panels from upcoming <i>The Nao Of Brown</i>

Glyn Dillon's The Nao Of Brown is a book I can safely say I've been looking forward to since before it was announced.  Though very few pages have leaked out, Dillon regularly posts panels via his Twitter feed, and they're spectacular.  Here's a few recent ones to whet your appetite for what is sure to be one of the graphic novels of the year:

He's also been known to tweet rejected panels, which are just as impressive:

I loved the Jamie Hewlett quote on this recent promo image released by Self Made Hero. Glyn is a studio-mate of Hewlett's, and has contributed to the visuals of Gorillaz in the past (and is onscreen during my favorite scene of the tour doc Bananaz, when Hewlett makes a hilariously redubbed rant about the NME). Dillon's cover image, to the left of the quote, has something of the Rene Magritte to it, the domestic repurposed for surrealist intent:

And just because I don't think it can be shown often enough, here's Dillon's page from the ground-breaking Blank Slate Books UK anthology/graphic novel hybrid Nelson.  It's a page with an amazing Proustian power for those of us of a certain age. I look at this and I can literally smell 3-In-One oil:

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