Netflix's GLOW Lands Four-Issue Miniseries at IDW


While fans of the hit Netflix series GLOW eagerly await news about its upcoming third season, a new comic book miniseries from IDW Publishing will help tide them over.

A four-issue miniseries from writer Tini Howard (WWE, Euthanauts) and artist Hannah Templer (Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions) will debut this March. The upcoming comic will be overseen by series co-creators Liz Flahive and Cary Mensch.

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"I'm more than just a GLOW fan, I'm a wrestling fan, too. I've written wrestling comics before, and I adore it. Wrestling and comic books are a natural fit for more than just tights and fights," Howard said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "Each of the gorgeous ladies has either developed her own character or adapted to one thrust upon her, and making that identity her own is not dissimilar to, say, putting on a bat costume.”

The Netflix series was renewed for a third season this past August after Season 2 premiered in June, though no premiere date for Season 3 has been announced yet. The upcoming comic series will spin out of the events of the series as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling find themselves facing real lady wrestlers in a match for charity.

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"We're thrilled to work with IDW to bring new stories to life on the page and in the ring," explained Flahive and Mensch. "Can we smoosh 14 women into a little frame? Only time will tell... but we couldn't be more excited!”

GLOW is written by Tini Howard and illustrated by Hannah Templer. The first issue is expected to go on sale this March from IDW Publishing.

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