Gloomhaven Early Access Trailer Gives First Proper Look at PC Adaptation

A computer game based on the popular tabletop fantasy game Gloomhaven has received its first trailer in advance of joining Steam Early Access.

To promote the early access to the upcoming game next month, developer Asmodee Digital released a trailer providing a first look at the game's dungeon crawling action, full of magic, monsters and medieval combat.

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Launched in 2017, Gloomhaven has players explore dungeons and castles in teams of fantasy characters, with combat conducted through a strategic card system. Leveling up as they clear dangerous, remote locations full of monsters and loot, players must work together as part of a continuing, expansive story in the tabletop game's world.

A live stream of an early working version of the Gloomhaven video game adaptation was shared online by Asmodee Digital earlier this month, showing gameplay footage and how the tabletop game translated to the PC, with randomized dungeons, an adventure mode and the ability for players to modify the game's settings to their own preferences.

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Gloomhaven is developed by Asmodee Digital and published by Steam. It will be available for early access on July 17.

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