"GloomCookie" Series to End at #28

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After seven years, four graphic novel collections and a merchandise line that includes statues, plush toys and T-shirts, SLG Publishing's long-running series GloomCookie will end with issue #28. One of SLG Publishing's longest-running comic book titles, Gloomcookie has come to a point where writer and co-creator Serena Valentino felt that it might be right to take a break from the series. After the publication of GloomCookie's fifth trade paperback, collecting issues 24 through 28 of series, Valentino will continue to work on GloomCookie graphic novels with its current artist, Vincent Batignole.

"Issue 28 is the perfect place to end," said Valentino. "It ends this story arc but hints at the characters' futures."

SLG also feels it's a good move for the series. "I've spoken to a lot of Serena's fans who say they wait for the trade," said SLG's editor-in-chief Jennifer de Guzman. "They're often not typical comic book readers, and they prefer a perfect-bound book to a floppy."

Valentino created GloomCookie with artist Ted Naifeh as a mini-comic in 1998, and SLG began publishing it as a series the following year. The series, which blends elements of fairy tales, character drama, and dark fantasy with the goth subculture, gained a loyal readership that followed the series through five artists -- Ted Naifeh, John Gebbia, Breehn Burns, Harley Sparx and Vincent Batignole -- and twenty-eight issues.

Valentino has since become one of SLG's top creators, also penning the horror series Nightmares & Fairy Tales, which was drawn by artist FSc through issue twelve. At issue thirteen, Valentino and artist Crab Scrambly began the "1140 Rue Royale" storyline, which is set in 19th-century New Orleans. A new series she is writing, with Batignole as artist, Enchanted, will debut in 2007.

Issue 28 of GloomCookie will be in stores in September and is currently available to order through Diamond Comics under the item code MAY06 2811.

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