Global Frequency, The Flash, Ghost Rider, Green Lantern: Comic Reel Wrap for December 20th


Not dead and not forgotten -- FrequencySite caught the feature in Amazing Stories on the Warren Ellis adaptation.


Superhero Hype has a scooper report that creator David Goyer may have let something slip. "My brother and I just got back from a 'Blade: Trinity' promotional signing here in Melbourne Australia. Ryan Reynolds, David Goyer & Jessica Biel were all in attendance. The host of the event quizzed Goyer on his involvement in the upcoming the Flash movie. Goyer replied that he was looking at 'casting some guy named Ryan' as the Flash, and that he was leaning towards using Wally West instead of Jay Garrick or Barry Allen."

Meanwhile, Reynolds mentioned in an interview at Moviehole that he's already interested. "If that were to come to fruition it would depend on a lot of things, but one of them wouldn't involve auditioning. Wally West is a guy that likes to have a bit of fun in his life, he's a little bit sarcastic, a little bit acerbic, but I'd love to inject a little bit more heart into Wally. I think it'd be really cool. I mean David explained the story to me -- wow, holy s***. His rough story for 'The Flash' is just f***ing mind-boggling. I hesitate to say its one of the best script stories I've heard for a long, long time. So yeah, if it were to come to fruition I'd be very excited."


The touring company Wayward Bus is getting involved with the Mark Steven Johnson-helmed Marvel adaptation. " Our restored classic 1960s GM coach has landed a major role in upcoming blockbuster 'Ghost Rider', to be filmed early 2005 in Melbourne and Broken Hill. Nicholas Cage plays Johnny Blaze, touring the country fairgrounds as a dare-devil motorcycle stunt-rider -- travelling and living in our flame painted all-American 10-ton-plus V8 people mover." It's believed the bus in question looks like this.

Meanwhile, "Matrix Reloaded" actor Clayton Watson is fairly sure that he's gonna be a part of this movie as well. "Let's not forget the possibility of Watson starring alongside Nicolas Cage and Jon Voight in a $40 million adaptation of the comic classic Ghost Rider for which he has auditioned. 'No news is usually good news,' he says. 'You know you're doing the gig when you're sitting on the plane drinking champagne.'"


Sources over at Moviehole claim that "The Green Lantern" is actually moving just as fast towards fruition as Goyer's "The Flash." "For starters, the script is near complete. 'They ditched the last script, started again. Word is, it's a great read. Should make for an amazing movie. Expect a director to be announced pretty soon.' And although we're still quite a spell away from casting, you can rule out everyone that's been mentioned for the lead. 'Jack Black, no way, Ben Browder, nope ... Warner isn't considering either at the moment.' Our contact adds, 'If, like Batman Begins, the studio decides to chase whoever the net community wants for the role, it'll be Tom Cruise, but he's a busy, busy guy -- I'm sure they'll make an offer anyway.' Apparently, the latest version of the script features 'original' Green Lantern, Hal Jordan."


Dark Horizons allegedly has the inside word on developments for a third mutant-themed film in the franchise. "They confirm that nothing on the X3 director/plot, has yet to emerge so we must await official announcements regarding that. 'Firstly, there have been rumors amongst the fandom that "Wolverine" may be filmed before X3 -- that's false. Finishing the X-MEN trilogy is the top priority of 20th Century Fox, but spin-off films are being developed at the same time. As most know, 'Wolverine' and 'Magneto' are also in early development. By the producers and studio request, the weather controlling mutant known as Storm (Ororo Munroe) is currently being included in the X3 film screenplay on a provisional basis. The role is being written with the idea that it can easily be switched out for another character under the circumstances that actress, Halle Berry cannot return. Should the actress return, the role will likely be expanded to that equal of the other main cast members, in future drafts of the screenplay. It is also possible that the role could possibly remain small for a cameo appearance. Or could the role be recast? This is still being worked out, and won't congeal until main cast members are asked to return. The studio is set on getting X3 out for a 2006 release. Even though Avi Arad or Marvel Enterprises has listed a May release date, the month of May has been put in question, so changes in release date are a strong possibility. It all depends on the director and shooting locations. A Winter 2006 release is not even being thought about, so nix that idea."


According to Kryptonsite, Al Gough and Miles Millar were in Smallville magazine discussing a good many things. Pete Ross? "We miss him occasionally now in the stories, but it was one of those situations where either you use him or you don't use him and we felt sometimes we were fighting to find scenes for the character. We love Sam Jones, but Clark talks to his parents instead -- they're really Clark's confidants. There are often scenes where we wish he could come in and comment and we want to bring him back, as long as we can find the right situation or storyline. We just felt that we were wasting him and wasting the character." Clark and Lana? "'We played this for 60-odd episodes,' says Millar. 'Enough already -- let's find something else. He's always going to love her, so that for us is still the core and he can be the unrequited love for her.'" Why killing the Clana combo saves the show? "'We had this scene in 'Exodus' where they finally went out, with them picnicking, and horses and we thought 'well, that's boring as hell, we're not going to do that for a whole season.' That's the 'Moonlighting' curse, the kiss of death for any of these shows. These two have to be apart and we then get all this Internet stuff saying 'they've gotta be together, when are they gonna be together?' Soon as they're together -- Game over.'"


There's a literal deluge of links with stories related to the Christian Bale-fueled DC adaptation. David Goyer was interviewed by MTV, and dropped a quote or two at The Shorthorn Online. The New York Times has an article on the production, and Christian Bale was interviewed at both New York Metro and Contact Music. Whew!


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