Global Frequency, Smallville, Batman Begins: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 17


Creator Warren Ellis has been blogging from the Vancouver set of his Wildstorm adaptation with wild stories of getting pills from Jenni Baird, looking over a soliloquy for Michelle Forbes as Miranda Zero and getting a chair with his name on it.


The WB showed a new teaser, featuring Kristin Kreuk, and the team at Devoted to Smallville has a Windows Media version of it for your review. Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has a photo of a guest star appearing in the new season's third episode, as well as a rumor that singer Ben Jelen will be coming on the show as a certain DCU character.


Superhero Hype has a spy report all the way from Australia: "I was watching the Channel 10 news tonight and the entertainment reporter (angela bishop) was doing a piece from Fox Studios up in Sydney. Nothing special, just talking about the Australian film industry. What caught my eye though, behind her on two large set doors was a very familiar looking 'S' symbol in black and green." A subsequent report sought to clarify: "the report you recieved a few days ago about the Superman 'S' is half true. There was a small 'S' plasted on several doors. It was green on a black background and looked like it was carved out of Kryptonite. Superman is not moving in yet, this was a running joke between a few of the production crews."


Another day, more set reports from Chicago, chock full of spoilers. First, one discusses the new Batmobile ripping through the streets, chased by cop cars and a helicopter. another shows the Tumbler in action, and a third shows Bale in his full Bat-suited glory.


While we're in a Gotham state of mind, Revolution SF has an interview with Paul Dini, who talks about a proposed Batman/Green Arrow direct-to-video film, writing for "Justice League", his past work (including "Droids," "Dungeons and Dragons" and "Duck Dodgers") and why the "Green Lantern Corpos" series never got off the ground. "We wanted to do a story about a young man from Earth who gets his hands on the Green Lantern ring, and about how he is the fish out of water among all these aliens. When you'd see him among the group of aliens, he'd be just as odd-looking as any of them, because they all come from different planets. I think the look of the show was inspired more by Disney features like 'The Sword in the Stone,' where they caricature the humans slightly, but still keep the element of heroism around them. It was not going to be like the Bruce Timm Batman universe. We wanted to open it up a little bit and take a lighter tone, at least visually, with it. But then what happened was Cartoon Network saw it and liked it, but they liked 'Duck Dodgers' too. Basically, when it came time to select a show, they went with 'Dodgers,' and that's what we did."


Variety reports that "Platinum Studios has partnered with Dean Valentine's new First Family Entertainment to adapt several projects for television. Among the concepts in development are 'Meet the Haunteds,' a series of graphic novels about a white family who move into an old mansion haunted by the ghosts of a black family. Platinum and First Family also are behind 'Spaced,' to be written and directed by Adam Rifkin ('Mouse Hunt,' 'Small Soldiers'). That project revolves around a teenager who shares his body with an alien who "morphs out of parts of his body at inopportune times." Platinum calls it a mix of 'Malcolm in the Middle' 'Malcolm In The Middle' and 'The Man With Two Brains.' Rob Moran is penning the graphic novel."


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