Global Frequency, Green Lantern, Avengers: July 19th Comic Reel Wrap


In his Bad Signal email list, creator Warren Ellis said, "The last two parts to be cast are the new characters Rogers created, Kate Finch and Sean Ronin. ('Ronin,' it turns out, is also an Irish surname, which I didn't know, which is why Rogers gets paid more money than God and I get a crappy page rate.) The characters fit the work -- Kate is reminiscent of the skittish scientist from Steve Dillon's issue, and Sean is the 'Warren Ellis character' I didn't write into it, standing slightly askew of the whole thing and laconically trying to make sense of it. I understand that we have a tentative Kate, dependent on who's selected as our Sean ... Of course, nothing is guaranteed, even now. The pilot for 'Dark Shadows,' produced by John Wells, has just been scrapped and will never air -- despite having been shot at a cost somewhere between two and five million. That produced show and that money is just tossed in the bin. That's American television. And it could still happen to us."


According to Superhero Hype, "20th Century Fox has moved the Jennifer Garner action spin-off Elektra up a month from February 18 to January 14, 2005."


Ain't It Cool News alleges that "Jack Black has closed his deal. He will be playing Green Lantern in a film that has been described as a 'zany comedy version a la 'The Mask.' All rights to the DC comic have been worked out as well, so you can expect to start hearing more about this project in the months ahead."

Rich Johnston first ran the rumor of Jack Black as Green Lantern in his July 12th column here at CBR.


Writer/director David Goyer is clearing the air about some things on the "Blade: Trinity" message boards, saying, "The rumor about me and Superman? Not true. They haven't approached me -- even to write on it. But I am talking to Warners about another potential DC property ... Wesley as Black Panther? I doubt that will happen at this point. He's already so entrenched as Blade that another Marvel hero might be overkill ... Blade 4? Nightstalkers? Who knows? Anything's possible. We've talked about both options."


Comingsoon.net has video interviews with Halle Berry, Benjamin Bratt, director Pitof and producer Denise Di Novi, all in RealPlayer format.

Not ones to be left out, Comics Continuum continues their coverage of interviews with the people behind the leather, with lengthy interviews with Sharon Stone and Halle Berry. Stone in particular discusses suggesting Halle Berry for a role in the "Flintstones" movie, and Berry made sure she kept the costume from the film because "I didn't want it to end on eBay. So I said, 'Guys, you have to give it to me. It's going to wind up on eBay if you don't. Somebody's going to steal it.'"


Superhero Hype has some possible villain notes for the next web-spinning sequel. First, when caught at the UK premiere of "Spider-Man 2," the following exchange took place between a reporter and director Sam Raimi: Reporter "We've heard you've got two villains lined up for the next one. Can you confirm this?" Raimi: "Yes." He would say no more, and the site used deductive reasoning to look at the people already cast to determine that Tobey Maguire would have a big problem with the color green.


Ain't It Cool News claims that "the deals for Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris have been closed to helm & write from scratch the new 'Superman' film. Singer, Dougherty and Harris worked together to make 'X2: X-Men United.' The J.J. Abrams script has been completely tossed out. Not of shred of it will remain. That McG ordered 'Superman' cybersuit that Stan Winston's brilliant craftsmen were paid zillions to create is gone!" This also seems to affect a certain mutant-themed sequel: "X3 will be made after 'Superman' by Singer, or Fox will leave him behind and continue forward with a new director."


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lions Gate Family Home Entertainment is assembling the Avengers with Marvel Comics' approval. "The first installment in an eight- to 10-picture deal with Marvel Enterprises, the 66-minute film will feature a cadre of Marvel's most popular characters, including Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Giant Man and Wasp. The animated feature, based on the Marvel Comics series 'The Ultimates,' is still in the script phase. Glenn Ross, president of Lions Gate's family home entertainment division, said he expects the complete film to be out on DVD in early 2006."


Rumors of a trailer for the Christopher Nolan-helmed Bat flick have been poo-poohed by Superhero Hype, which also has updates from the Windy City location where the film is going to be shot. One scooper wrote, "my wife had received a call from a Warner Bros. Studio casting agent. She returned their call and was informed that they were presently looking for drivers. Specifically they were looking for cars as the Quota for SUV's had already been reached. Among these drivers needed were a thirty year old woman and a fifty year old man. To date the position for the fifty year old man is all that appears to remain. Shooting for these roles was set to begin on August the first."


According to CHUD, "they've also found their deadly little Miho, Old Town's silent roller-blading ninja assassin prostitute. Exotic extraterrestrial model/actress Devon Aoki ('2 Fast 2 Furious') has apparently scored the role."


Executive producer Miles Millar spilled the beans to Kryptonsite about some Season 4 activities. "We're really excited for the season. We're really excited for the new cast members. Jensen's fantastic. We just saw the first scene with Lois and Clark today. They had incredible chemistry. So, it seems like it's a really different season. We're looking forward to it. It's graduation, it's the last year in high school. We see a transformation with Clark. Clark becomes from Clark the geek to a really popular kid; high school quarterback. So, for us, I guess the theme of this season is graduation."

The site also caught a quite from Lex Luthor himself, actor Michael Rosenbaum, who said, "I think Lex is the anti-hero. I think he is the good guy. I mean, I am fighting - it's a lot harder to fight being evil than it is being good. I mean, Clark's always good. Always a good guy. Every episode, he saves everybody. I'm doing everything I can not to piss people off, not to be the bad guy. Not to follow in my father's footsteps. And that's a lot to take for anybody."


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