Global Frequency, Fantastic Four, Superman: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 27


Warren Ellis was apparently saving up some of his notes from his visit to Vancouver -- his latest Streaming column details bonding with actress Michelle Forbes over cigarettes and reminiscenses of bad behavior, projectile vomiting and other things mad and strange and Ellis-esque. This includes three fairly blurry cameraphone style photos.


It seems like director Tim Story is going back to school -- reports from Canada indicate that the production has moved to the campus of the University of British Columbia (standing in, possibly, for Empire State University), according to a vague report from Superhero Hype. Also discussed was a "forest within a forest" set where most of the cast is doing night shoots.


Here's a rumor that might be all wet -- FilmJerk reports: "It's been several years since we last heard any development about a live action movie based on the DC comics character, which, when last reported on in 2001, was set to star Kiefer Sutherland and Monica Potter. Sources close to FilmJerk tells us a renewed effort to get the film produced is underway at Warner Brothers. Sunrise Entertainment heads Alan and Peter Riche, whose credits include the feature film versions of 'Starsky and Hutch' and 'The Mod Squad,' are the newest team to get 'Aquaman' to the big screen. Our source indicates first-time scribe Ben Grant is currently writing the screenplay. However, the source was unable to verify whether the production will be an origin story or one which assumes filmgoers will be familiar with the character. There are no actors signed to any roles at this time. Sunrise is also working on a feature film with Yogi Bear.


Speaking of getting wet (who says there's no time for segues?), Superhero Hype claims that the film has moved back to England for shooting. "Batman filming is carrying on at the hangers in Bedford today with around 1000 extras being asked to be prepared to get 'wet!'"


An actor calling himself "Tim Burner" auditioned for the role of Big Blue in Baltimore, and wrote in to Superhero Hype (they're busy today) about the experience. "There were quite a few guys there that looked the Superman part. I read lines for the Clark Kent scene where he first meets Perry White in the 1978 'Superman' movie; and I also read lines from the superman scene in which Lois interviews him on top of the building (i.e. the pink underwear scene). It was great. I was very nervous but will never forget the experience of getting the opportunity to screen test for my favorite character of all time."


Speaking of the Last Son of Krypton, Kryptonsite has backed off of its claims that singer Ben Jelen will play a DCU hero in the upcoming fourth season, but strive to make up for the faux pas by posting fresh spoilers about the season's sixth episode, "Transference."

Meanwhile, Superman-V.com claims that the Warner Brothers film division is pushing to axe the show in order to free up actor Tom Welling for the role of Superman on the big screen, "they want to leave a as much time as possible between the end of Smallville and the release of the movie and want a totally new Superman." Given the recurrent millions that "Smallville" generates for the company in ad revenues, merchandising and DVD sales, compared to the risky gamble of a feature film, this seems unlikely to some observers.


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