Global Frequency, Fantastic 4, Sin City: July 16th Comic Reel Wrap


Numerous people wrote in to point out the posting on Warren Ellis' Bad Signal mailing list, where he confirmed that "Michelle Forbes has been cast as Miranda Zero in 'GLOBAL FREQUENCY.' I am really, really happy about this. The woman can act. Rogers and Burnett get a gold star once again." The team at Kryptonsite note that actress Aimee Garcia will be taking on the role of Aleph as well.


Mister Fantastic himself, Ioan Gruffudd, spoke to Empire Online about his perceptions of the upcoming Marvel adaptation. "There's quite a bit of comedy in this," Gruffudd said, "and there's that romance between Reed and Sue Storm. And there are four of us, so we're all relying on each other. I have no idea where the script is going to go, but there's certainly plenty of action and us getting a chance to use our superpowers. It's going to be interesting because there are so many fans out there of the original and what they do and I hope they try to remain true to the comic." When asked about costumes, he replied possibly sarcastically, "Yes, it's going to be a traditional, Spandex, blue Lycra suit with black leather boots. So I'm looking forward to that." Gruffudd admitted to letting the Grecian Formula go: "I think the idea will be that once they're exposed to the radiation up in space that turns them into the Fantastic Four, as a result of that I'll start to have the greying hair. But I think it'll be subtler than it is in the comic books. More dignified, like George Clooney!"


Speaking of Empire Online, they spoke to actor Clive Owen about his role in the Robert Rodriguez-helmed adaptation. "There's three books that are put together for one movie and I'm in one called The Big Fat Kill. I'm playing Dwight," said Owen. "Benicio Del Toro is Jackie Boy, Rosario Dawson is in it, Brittany Murphy's in it."


Moviehole has perhaps the best summation of all the rumors surrounding the beleaguered production. At the top of the pile is the idea that uber-producer Jon Peters wants to come in and just tie the whole thing into TV's "Smallville." "They're reworking elements of Smallville and discussing it with Alfred and Miles, the creators of Smallville and Shanghai Noon and all those flicks," says the site's scooper. The site also alleges that "a second source confirmed that the 'Smallville' gang are chatting to the 'Superman' movie crowd but says not to put too much stock into it. 'There's already talk of an eventual Smallville, something separate from the Superman film, but its way too early to even speculate as to what form it will take - but even if nothing eventuates with these current talks between Warner, Gough and Miller, fans of the series are likely to be ultimately renumerated for their loyalty to the series anyway. Even at the risk of botching the film, I think they'll keep the film and series separate,' they said." The scuttlebutt on the six (always the number six keeps popping up with this property) directors in the running to take over for McG are Jonathan Frakes ("Thunderbirds"), Robert Rodriguez ("Sin City"), Ron Cohen ("xXx"), David Goyer ("Blade 2"), Michael Bay ("The Rock") and repeatedly rumoured candidate, Bryan Singer ("X-Men").

Meanwhile, Sci Fi Wire talked to McG himself about his departure from the project. "I was passionate about telling the genesis story, and the studio wanted something a little different," McG said. "We were working on the picture for a long time, and ultimately we just agreed that it's best just to pursue other interests at this point."


Speaking of all things Kryptonian, Sci Fi Wire cut through lots of confusion to clarify that the "no flights, no tights" rule is getting bent if not broken in the season premiere. "He doesn't fly as Clark. He flies as Kal-El," Millar said in an interview at The WB's fall press preview in Los Angeles. "The first episode is all about visualizing the internal fight between Clark and Kal-El. Clark Kent represents his Earth-bound persona, the kid who was brought up by the Kents. And Kal-El represents the person that Jor-El wants him to be. This personifies that." They also note that a new power is coming this season, but of course won't say which one. "There aren't many powers left," Millar said.

Milar also talked about the direction of the series. "Clark Kent, at the end of this year, will really graduate," he said. "And we're introducing a whole new mythology as well that will involve Lana, Lex and Clark. And at the end of the season we pay off something that is huge in the Superman mythology. It all leads towards something. Diehard fans of the mythology will realize what it is pretty quickly, others won't."

In "huh?" news regarding the series, USA Today reports that "the Lois Lane character also will join the cast, but she can't meet Lex Luthor, as Warner Bros. must avoid story conflicts with a future Superman movie in the works." Take that as you will.

FInally, Kryptonsite came away from the big party wth the news that Erica Durance's Lois Lane will be in 13 episodes, instead of the previously planned four.


Fox has quashed the rumors of a "dazzling" moment for pop princess Jessica Simpson. Superhero Hype talked to the studio's rep, who said "there isn't even a script yet for the third film and that NO ONE has been cast yet."


Variety (subscription required) reports that Anonymous Content has optioned film rights to 'Tasty Bullet,' a yet-to-be-published graphic novel by Jonathan Vankin and Arnold Pander about an insidious energy drink. Story centers on the beverage children are guzzling worldwide; the young woman whose image promotes the product; and her discovery that the drink is actually brainwashing those consuming it."


There's a new clip from the upcoming Halle Berry-fueled feline flick available at Moviefone.


After nearly dropping off the radar, allegedly a screening was held and a viewer emailed Heidi Macdonald's The Beat about it, not sounding too pleased. "This was the kind of Man-Thing you want to sic Lorena Bobbit at." They are also the only site reporting the rumor that Ben Affleck visited the set of the Jennifer Garner-fueled spin-off.


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