Global Frequency, Elektra, Y: The Last Man, Fantastic Four: November 10 Comic Reel Wrap


In the wee hours of the US morning, Warren Ellis broadcasted some news via his Bad Signal email list: "So the news got out while I was away. The WB passed on the GLOBAL FREQUENCY pilot. From what I can gather, we fell foul of a change of network execs and general network politics. Which happens all the time, without rancour. It's my understanding at this time that The WB are releasing the pilot back to us and the studio, Warner Brothers (yeah, I know -- TV and corporate structure are not for the likes of us to understand), and we're going to enter the process of shopping the completed pilot to other networks. Including the ones that bid on the show in the first place. So we're far from dead yet. Crucially, no-one thinks it's a bad show. It simply didn't fit with current thinking at The WB. We're still in the game. Fingers crossed."


According to Superhero Hype, the trailer for the Jennifer Garner-fueled Marvel adaptation will make its world premiere on Thursday viewings of the syndicated show Access Hollywood.


Writer/director/comics savant David Goyer talked to Sci Fi Wire about his upcoming projects, and mentioned a certain Vertigo property. "I'm one of the producers on it, along with the guys at Benderspink, and Jeff Vintar, who wrote I, Robot, is adapting it. We just got our first draft in. It's very good, and he's embarking on a rewrite." Goyer would likely not direct, but he did mention a script sitting on his computer for the Neil Gaiman short story "Murder Mysteries" which he hopes to direct (and find a studio for) one day. "I think it's the best script I've ever written. I call it my 'Dark City.' It's my more idiosyncratic film, and ... as a director, [I need] a blockbuster before I'll have the clout to be able to pull it off, and I'm hoping 'Blade: Trinity' will be the one." Goyer also brushed past the Platinum Studios project "Unique," where he said, "Michael Cooney, [who] wrote Identity, has just started writing a script for it, so that's a long ways off. It's about parallel worlds," and Goyer is attached to direct that one.


Writer Peter A. David will be penning the novelization for the Tim Story-helmed story of the Richards family. He said, "As for the FF film, I can tell you with authority (but without going into detail) that it is not at all the goofball comedy as first reported, but instead faithful in tone and style to the Lee/Kirby comics. There's some major changes in terms of the origin, but less than what they did in 'Ultimate FF,' and besides, c'mon -- four people trying to get to the moon before the Russians? Just a TAD dated. How do I know this? Because I've been hired by Pocket Books to do the novelization of the film. So this'll be my fourth novelization of a Marvel comics movie."


Kryptonsite checked out next week's TV Guide and caught a minor spoiler for the upcoming episode "Bound." Meanwhile, those guys at Comics Continuum listened in on actress Erica Durance at Wizard World Texas, who talked about her involvement with the hit WB series. Of this week's episode "Spell," she said, "It's our 'Witches of Eastwick.' It was a lot of fun to shoot." She said there's a chance she'll be appearing in more than the 13 episodes originally slated. "They're working on possibly getting me into more episodes," she said. "So I'll hopefully have another eight this year and as far as next year, it's up in the air and they're working on that right now. The writers don't give you a lot of an idea of exactly where you are going, but they're figuring on ways to keep me back in Smallville and get me interacting with the other people. So I'm sure there's going to be a lot of funny, weird things going on with Clark to keep things going again."


Both FilmForce and Comics Continuum are reporting that David Goyer and Ryan Reynolds have discussed having the "Van Wilder" actor take on the role of the world's fastest man.


Actor Nicolas Cage talked to Latino Review about the numerous comic book properties he's been involved with. Despite the fact that the production for the adventures of Johnny Blaze are forging ahead for a January start, Cage insists he hasn't signed on yet. "I'm very curious about that [movie]," Cage said. "However, I'm still in talks about that particular movie. It's not a definite at this point. It's really just a matter of the vision of the movie and how it will be portrayed. It's talks about script and things like that. It's true that I was involved with Ghost Rider over three years ago and was trying to develop it with another filmmaker. These things are very sensitive. It's a bullseye and you really have to hit it. Otherwise it may not work. So it's best for everyone to be cautious and make sure it's got the right auspices."

cage also admits he was offered the role of Green Goblin in the first "Spider-Man" movie, but passed on it to be a part of "Adaptation." "I was wanting to play twins in a movie," Cage said, "so that's why I opted for Adaptation. Also, I like Spike Jonze's work quite a bit. I also like Sam Raimi very much as well. But it just seemed like Adaptation would give me more of an opportunity to learn something."

Cage dispelled rumors of being offered Skeletor in John Woo's "Masters of the Universe" film, saying he'd never even gotten an offer. Finally, Cage talked about his involvement with Tim Burton's attempt at a Superman movie. "I went pretty far down the road with Tim Burton on that. And at the time, Warner Brothers just wasn't ready to pull the trigger so to speak on the script because it was getting incredibly expensive and that was at a period in their career, Warner Brothers, where they were being cautious with the money."


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