Global Frequency, Elektra, Smallville: November 5 Comic Reel Wrap


Producer John Rogers talked to FrequencySite and confirmed the bad news: the WB has passed on the pilot of the Warren Elis adaptation. "You can make it official," Rogers said. "The WB has passed on the pilot. However, they've also been real gentlemen and released it back to the studio to be taken elsewhere. Many networks hold onto pilots out of spite, fearing that if it succeeds elsewhere, they'll look bad. Luckily the WB folk value the product over politics ... We're scheduling meetings now between various studio humans to decide where to take the show from here. Fortunately for us the television landscape has changed. Midseason and summer launches, 13 episode runs, genre shows are now no longer longshots but viable strategies. DC Comics stands enthusiastically behind both the comic and the show, especially now that they've seen the pilot. I only ask that when we come back to you and ask you to show the TV humans that there IS an audience for a smart, hip genre show, you answer the call. We'll keep everyone updated."

UPDATE 7:13 PM PST: We emailed the man, Warren Ellis, himself, who was kind enough to send this back: "I'm still in San Francisco, and therefore slightly out of the loop. I've spoken to John Rogers this week, and so I have an idea of what's going on, but I'm not going to be making any official comment until next week. You can run this in its entirety as my current statement, though." The Comic Reel will stay on top of this very important story.


Fox has launched the official website for the Jennifer Garner-fueled action flick. There are also two feature clips (one, two) of director Rob Bowman talking about the film from his editing room. More quotes from Bowman are available on Sci Fi Wire, talking about Elektra's motivations. "Sitting still without an assignment or a task that is not external is a problem for her," he said. "Because she starts to think about things that, you know, upset her, cause her to feel anger. She's extraordinarily haunted. ... Existence is what she suffers through. The movie is about her coming to grips with what's actually going on inside of her. One of our themes is that she has abilities and feelings that she's unaware of until very late in the movie."

Finally, IEDB has an exclusive photo of Jennifer Garner striking a lethal pose, in character.


Devoted to Smallville has new spoilers for this season's twelfth episode, which they contend is titled "Pariah," whereas Kryptonsite says it'll be called "Accused."


Variety talked to Crystal Sky, and discussed their upcoming slate of films. "Pics include 'Werewolf by Night,' based on the Marvel Comic about a young man cursed with the blood of a werewolf who falls in love with a beautiful but deadly bounty hunter. Pic was penned by Robert Nelson Jacobs ('Chocolat')."


USA Today has an article on the beleaguered effort to get a new "Superman" film off the ground. "'How do you bring Superman back? That has obviously been a challenge for us,' says Jeff Robinov, president of production for Warner Bros. 'It took a while to get the right combination of people and to find a story that was fresh and true to the mythology.'"

A second article talks about the casting of Brandon Routh. "'He's always had a desire to play Superman,' says his agent, Mara Santino, who notes that the Halloween costume contest occurred months before the movie role was even a possibility. Routh (pronounced Rowth) was chosen from thousands of candidates interviewed at casting calls in the USA, Britain, Canada and Australia. 'Casting has always been a challenge,' says Jeff Robinov, president of production for Warner Bros. Pictures. 'As you look to more recognizable people, it's hard to separate who they are and what they've done from the role of Superman. So we decided to look at unknowns.'"


If you're ready for an early slice, Fears Magazine is giving away two passes to screenings in the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, Connecticut) happening on November 12-13, which means that somewhere, somebody else is giving away passes to that screening, so get scouring those malls and conventions!


By request of 20th Century Fox, CBR News has removed the video and screen grabs we posted earlier today.


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