Global Frequency, Death, Justice League: May 19th Comic Reel Wrap


Warren Ellis mentioned his WB pilot in his Bad Signal mailing list. "GLOBAL FREQUENCY is currently intended -- shouldthe pilot go over okay -- as a mid-season replacement on The WB. That means it's not going to be on The WB's fall-season schedule. That's why you're not seeing it mentioned in current announcements from The WB. This is good for us. Pressure's off to an extent, we get a far broader pick of actors, that kind of thing. Everything is fine."


Faithful reader Ricardo D. Martins emailed the Comic Reel to let us know that tickets are already on sale for screenings of "Spider-Man 2" ... in Brazil. Way to beat the crowd!


Comics Continuum notes that veteran actor Hector Elizondo will provide the voice of Kragger, a high-ranking officer in the Thanagarian army for the huge season finale, "Starcrossed." They also have some screen captures from the episode.


Creator Neil Gaiman talked to MarsDust about the feature film prospects for his pale-skinned character. "The movie of 'Death: The Time of Your Life' is moving," Gaiman said. "We've got a solid script and should get approval from the studio this weekend. I can't tell you which studio yet. Check my website and I'll post the info as soon as I can in the journal section."


Speaking of popular Vertigo properties, the official site for the Keanu Reeves-fueled adaptation has been updated with last week's teaser trailer and a pensive new image of Keanu in character.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Rick Gomez has joined the Frank Miller adaptation, playing a character named Shlubb. The film is slated to be released late 2005.


kryptonsite has a few spoilers on the yet-unfilmed Season 4, including some telling quotes from star Tom Welling.


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