Global Frequency, 300, Constantine, Iron Man: The Comic Reel Wrap for November 2


The team at Kryptonsite have another project going on ... but there's bad news. According to an unconfirmed rumor they have posted at FrequencySite, "it seems that the "sure thing" of a March 2005 launch for Global Frequency may not happen after all, as we are hearing that the WB has passed on making 'Global Frequency' beyond the series pilot." According to his Bad Signal mailing list, the man himself will be at Berkeley's Comic Relief for a signing on Thursday from 5-7PM, so any fans in the area who wanna grill him for answers and email us with the scoop can get their moment of fame.


"Dawn of the Dead" director Zack Snyder spoke with Underground Online about adapting Frank Miller's "300." "I'm really excited about '300.' I was just on the phone with Frank [Miller] yesterday talking about the script that my partner, Kurt Johnstad, and I wrote. We got his take on it because we are doing a rewrite. The script is based almost exactly on the comic book, and all we did was add a second story with King Leonidas' wife trying to rally the troops to support her husband. We wanted a little more girl-power in the movie. We are about to shoot a test for Warner Bros. because they want to see how the comic book comes to life and what it looks like."


The Straight to Hell website reports that Keanu Reeves-starrer Constantine is doing reshoots to change the rating: "Rumors abound that Constantine has received an R certificate in the States and that some scenes are currently being reshot. Speculation is rife that the movie makers are either taking advantage of the 'R' cert to go back and 'spice-up' certain scenes or are being forced to tone-down said scenes in order to make it a PG-13 flick."


According to IGN's FilmForce, the Mandarin will not be a part of the film, and instead Tony Stark will face off against ... his own father, Howard Stark. "Earlier reports have revealed that Tony's origin will be 'completely different' in the movie than the Vietnam War-era one of the comics. Previous Iron Man screenwriter Miles Millar advised Wizard Magazine that Tony is 'not really in touch with where his money comes from, unaware that his wealth lies from weapons, and that history comes back to haunt him. ... It's a great arc for a character to begin with, this selfish reckless playboy, that in the end becomes a hero.'"


Devoted to Smallville has kept their nose to the grindstone ... or at least the periodicals. They caught photos of on screen beaus Kristin Kreuk and Jensen Ackles in Teen People, and they also checked out promotional photos of star Tom Welling, and quotes from him talking about fan mail. "I do get a lot -- from guys and girls. We actually get more guys watching than we do girls, which the producers didn't think was going to happen when we started the show. Our male audience is larger than they expected. I haven't had anything too outrageous yet. I think the character that I play is warm and approachable and nice and kind. I think that maybe the fans that Clark attracts tend to be on the safe side, rather than, say, Lex Luthor. I think Michael Rosenbaum's fan mail must be a little different (laughs)."


Comics Continuum has a report about the upcoming Marvel adaptation. He feels that the recent world press visits to the set of Fantastic Four in Vancouver, British Columbia, have alleviated outside anxiety over the film. "There's no need to bite nails anymore," Arad said. "The movie's going to be spectacular." They also have a scan of the Von Doom stationery the press received at the recent event.


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