'Global Frequency' #2 and 3 swap stories

Official Press Release

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the stories scheduled to run in GLOBAL FREQUENCY #2 and 3 will switch places.

GLOBAL FREQUENCY #2 (SEP020226), written by Warren Ellis and scheduled to be in stores on November 27, was originally scheduled to feature a story drawn by Steve Dillon. This issue will instead feature the story for issue #3, as drawn by Glenn Fabry.

The Dillon story instead will run in GLOBAL FREQUENCY #3 (OCT020794), scheduled to be in stores on December 26.

"Luckily, the unique structure Warren built into this series gives us more latitude than usual," says Group Editor Scott Dunbier. "Each issue is essentially a stand-alone story. While there are a couple of recurring characters, there aren't and any dangling plot threads to worry about. I guarantee no one is going to be confused about what's going on in either issue."

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