The Glass Hospital Has the Worst Nursing Staff In Movie History

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Glass, which is currently in theaters. 

There's no more thankless job in sci-fi and horror films than the poor people working as the nursing staff of any hospital that ends up on-screen. They're always assigned to watch over patients with supernatural abilities, usually without warning or full explanation of the situation. This usually ends up with the nursing staff at best being terrorized, and at worst being cannon fodder for the thing they were supposed to be watching. It's a thankless job that the nurses in these films usually fail at.

But no hospital staff falters as hard or as frequently as the one from the mental hospital in Glass. The staff is easily manipulated and later dispatched with almost no real effort. Even the supposedly all-powerful cabal of worldwide secret keepers turns out to be incapable of keeping a secret. The doctors, nurses and security guards in Glass are incompetent and the worst hospital staff in movie history.

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Dummy 1 & Dummy 2

For most of Glass, the story is set in a large mental hospital. Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) serves as the primary psychiatrist for the three "superpowered" characters who have been brought into her care. She's an expert on "disillusions of grandeur" and hopes to convince Kevin (James McAvoy), David (Bruce Willis) and Elijah (Samuel L. Jackson) that their abilities are just fabrications of their minds. Unfortunately for her, the two primary nurses assigned to help her are completely useless at their jobs, making it incredibly easy for everything to fall apart.

The two nurses, Pierce (Luke Kirby) and Daryl (Adam David Thompson), are aggressively stupid throughout the film, particularly Daryl. To his credit, Daryl is far kinder than Pierce and seems to actually care about his charges. Maybe a bit too much when it comes Kevin, who almost manages to seduce Daryl into coming too far into his room, which would have afforded Kevin a chance to escape.

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While Daryl's habit of being a friendly and talkative guy may endear him to the security guard (who should be patrolling the halls), it also allows Elijah the time to escape his room and engineer his scheme. Daryl ends up getting himself killed when he finds a broken picture frame on the floor of Elijah's room. Instead of getting something to clean it up or being aware that glass can be used as a weapon, he approaches Elijah, who swiftly slices his throat open with a sharpened piece of glass.

On top of being so obvious that it's painful (Elijah goes by Mr. Glass and kills someone with glass; the symbolism stands for obviousness), it's another testament to how useless this staff is. Why would you let someone have glass in their mental hospital room? Even assuming he's not a threat, that's still a potential suicide risk! That's just bad patient care.


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