Gladiator 2 Producers Confirm the Sequel's Place in Timeline

It's been almost 20 years since Gladiator was released and the film is still remembered fondly, with some still wondering if fans will ever see a continuation of the story of the former soldier, slave and then gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius. There has been talk of expanding on the character and story since 2001, when a prequel was suggested before producers and Ridley Scott himself began to develop a sequel.

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That sequel has remained in the very early stages of development ever since. Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald were recently interviewed by HeyUGuys to promote Men in Black: International when they were asked about Gladiator 2 and if it was still in development.

The duo stated that they were working on it with Ridley Scott and that the film is being written by Peter Craig, but that they wouldn't approach it unless they felt they could do it in a way that "was legitimate." Interestingly, the duo also stated that the current project will also see a massive jump in time from the original. Parkes added that the sequel "picks up the story [...] 25 years later."

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Loosely based on the rule of Emperor Commodus, Gladiator is a historical drama with quite a legacy. The film might irritate history-lovers, as it contains a number of anachronistic issues, but to the regular moviegoer, it's a stirring film about a warrior taking on a tyrant. Back in the early 2000s, the film reignited interest in the Roman Empire in film and television.

The film went on to win several awards including a Golden Globe for Best Picture, a BAFTA and five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Visual Effects and Best Actor to Russell Crowe.

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