Girls With Slingshots: Five Years, Two Girls, One Cactus

Five years ago today, Danielle Corsetto launched a tiny little webcomic called GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS.

The comic, which debuted at SPX on October 1st 2004, details the foul-mouthed misadventures of two twenty-somethings - Hazel Tellington and Jamie McJack and their talking Scottish cactus, McPedro. Since its debut, GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS has grown from a cult-hit to a massive webcomics phenomenon with over 70,000 readers a day.

And, as Danielle’s following grew – so did her style. And, on the pinnacle of her 800th strip, she’s covered themes of lesbianism, masturbation, cancer, love, loss, and loneliness in her own dirty little way.

To help Danielle commemorate this awesome anniversary, you could purchase your own copy of GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS, Volume One. Alternatively, you could also purchase original art from the series that Ms. Corsetto is selling for 50% off this week only! Both are perfect acceptable ways to celebrate this excellent strip.

And on a personal level ...

I raise my glass to you, Danielle.

As a cartoonist, you are remarkable.

As one of my closest friends, you are very, very dangerous.

And, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here’s to five years of success, Danielle – and may many, many more follow!


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