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GirlAMatic.com, "the new mainstream," and the premiere subscriptionsite for girl-friendly comics, begins its second year this month with eleven newfeatures. These new comics range from a flea-market fumetti, to anouter space grade school, from creators as well-known as NickelodeonMagazine comics editor Dave Roman, Barry Duetsch, and two-time Ignatznominee Raina Telgemeier to surprising new talents like Adrian Ramosand Lynn Lau.

GAM's new features begin debuting Sunday April 18 and new series willcontinue to take their bows through May 9. When GAM 2.0's launch iscomplete, the site will boast at least four regularly-updatingfeatures per day, with Sundays being the 21st-century Sunday newspapercomics section, with seven features updating on that day.

GAM has been going steady for a year with ten regular features fromits 2003 debut, and a few all-new series (Erika Moen's Dar!, MattBayne's Knights of the Shroud) added after its March 2003 launch.Editor Hernandez reveals she'd been working the whole year to bringnew series to GAM, "I was emailed URLs, ones were posted to the GAMlist, and I and other GAMmers spents countless hours pawing throughweb pages. Many of the were just not what I was looking for. When Ifound something I did like, invariably the creator had a readershipthat didn't want them to move to a pay site, even though updates wouldremain free. I was having a hard time finding people who wanted toget...paid!"

After a year of frustration, Hernandez posted an open call, and thesubmissions came pouring in. "I was disgustingly giddy," Hernandezsays, "I really wasn't expecting many submissions. I was hoping tofind five new features, but it turned out there were a huge number ofcreators waiting for an opportunity. And the quality of thesubmissions was incredible, not just in terms of the comics, but inthe presentation. It helped that GAMmers posted about the open call inthe blogs, where I found at least two people whose work I liked enoughto encourage them to submit."

Hernandez added eleven new features, two more than her stated goalof nine. "I couldn't let anyone get away," she says. "I really wantedto see every series I picked reach the GAM audience. I also felt allthe new series complimented our existing line-up beautifully."

The new series and creators (in absolutely no particular order!) are:

"Smile" is a brand-new, long-form story about evil classmates, videogames, and orthodontics. Creator Raina Telgemeier is a double Ignatz Award nominee for her mini-comic, Take-Out.

"Camera Obscura" celebrates the flea market staple of the aged pictureof strangers by giggling at them girlishly. Creator Anne Moloney juggles Englishing at the University of North Texas withlackeying at a flea market.

Lynn Lau grew up in an oil palm plantation, and while that has sincegiven her a skewed perspective on life, she has it easy compared toher character "Jupiter", whose entire life is a circus.

"Spades": A story of a man with no memory. What truth is there whenyou have no knowlegde of yourself? Creator Diana Cameron McQueen (DCM) is a graduating Senior of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she studied design, art, and Japanese for the last four years.

"All Undone" is a lighthearted story of a girl's transformation intoan ancient goddess of destruction and quest to save theworld from herself. Creator Ariel Childers is a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying Painting and Drawing.

"Astronaut Elementary" is a hello kitty cute world filled with thedrama and hyperkinetic energy of badly dubbed anime, combined with theconflicts and relationships of private school. Creator Dave Roman works for Nickelodeon Magazine, where he is the ComicsEditor for a series of one-shots called Nick Mag. He has also writtenstories for DC Comics' Dexter's Laboratory and been paid to answerScooby-Doo's mail.

"Hereville" is about the adventures of Mirka, as she faces fairy-talefigures such as demons, ogres, dragons and witches; and also as shefaces growing older in a joyful, but extremely cloistered, Hasidic town.Barry Deutsch is newspaper cartoonist whose work has been published indozens of publications around the world.

"The Wisdom of Moo": Emm doesn't want Anna to grow up. Led by Emm'shand puppet, the toy psychologist known as Dr. Moo, they'll dowhatever is in their power to fight for Anna. But what happens whenEmm begins to blossom into a teenager too? Adrian Ramos writes and draws the adorable Count Your Sheep!

"The Return of Doctor Dragonwagon" ­ "Worlds are waiting, wonderfulthings." Marilyn Scott-Waters is a clothing designer in trendy Orange Countyand living proof that you can do anything with a degree in ComparativeLiterature.

"Sevenplains" is a steam punk fantasy drama/comedy (but with monsters)in which a male protagonist, Loop Garrote, must rediscover thehomeland he fled after his sister's death. Tintin Pantoja is a junior undergrad student at the School of Visual Arts majoring in Cartooning. She hopes to someday edit her own comic line and help aspiring Filipino artists achieve their dreams.

"Salt Tree": Deep in the trenches of the Big City, the unblinking eyeof a so-called fiction writer observes companions and strangers.Crafting stories, she carefully conceals names to protect theinnocent…and the guilty. Heather Meek began publishing comic artwork in the form of solo and collaborative zines, magazine pages and in print and online newspapers since 2000. She obtained her BFA from Mt. Allison University in 2003.

"I've hand-picked every GAM series, and I love them all," saysHernandez. "Which means I have the confidence that readers will bedelighted to support them. Yes, that means SUBSCRIBE! You'll really beglad you did!"

GAM 2.0's series, creators and debuts are as follows:

Spades - Diana McQueen - April 18

Camera Obscura - Anne Moloney - April 19

Jupiter - Lynn Lau - April 20

Doctor Dragonwagon - Marilyn Scott-Waters - April 25

Wisdom of Moo - Adrian Ramos - April 26

Astronaut Elementary - Dave Roman - May 02

All Undone - Ariel Childers - May 04

Take-Out Comics - Raina Telgemeier - May 05

Hereville - Barry Deutsch - May 06

Sevenplains - Tintin Pantoja - May 08 (tentative)

Salt Tree - Heather Meek - May 09

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