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Girl Power: TV’s Strongest Super-Powered Women

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Girl Power: TV’s Strongest Super-Powered Women

When superhero fans talk about their favorite characters, the conversation generally ends up being about who would win in a fight, because that’s what superheroes do. They fight, usually with their enemies, but other times they fight their friends. Superheroes usually depend on their powers and abilities to win a battle, although they are sometimes forced to use quick thinking and clever tactics to take down their foe.

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Right now, TV is full of female superheroes and even other super-powered women who don’t wear tights and masks. Some of these ladies have physical powers, while others have magical or mental powers. Some of them acquired their powers through artificial means, while others were born with amazing abilities. Here’s a list of the 15 most powerful female characters on TV right now.

WARNING: The following list contains spoilers for “Game Of Thrones,” “Once Upon A Time,” “Stranger Things” and pretty much every superhero show on TV right now.


Jesse Quick CW Seed

Jesse Quick may be new to being a speedster on “The Flash,” but that doesn’t mean she isn’t powerful. She started training hard and already has her own speedster suit. Because she and Wally were hit with the same blast, no doubt her speed will match Wally’s at some point in the near future. Once Jesse is up to speed, so to speak, she’ll be able to use her powers the same way The Flash has. Time will tell if she’ll be able to throw lightning like Barry does. However, hopefully she won’t be tempted to mess with the timeline like he did, on any of the Earths.

Her first time out as Jesse Quick was a disaster because her enthusiasm was stronger than her skill at controlling her speed, and she became more of a liability to Barry than an asset. If she sticks with S.T.A.R. Labs’ training, however, she’ll be a great addition to Barry and his team.


Emma Swan Once Upon a Time

Emma Swan isn’t a traditional comic book superhero, but on “Once Upon a Time,” she has magic that makes her more powerful than the human residents of Storybrooke. Unlike the Evil Queen, she possesses light magic, the magic of a hero. She’s been able to blast away enemies and locate people and objects with it. Emma briefly turned to the dark side while she took on the mantle of the Dark One. Like most evil powers, dark magic made her seem more powerful than she usually is.

Her strongest power, however, is that of the Savior. She saved Storybrooke more than once and she rescued the town and its residents from the Evil Queen’s curse. She also used her skills with a sword, beginner level though they were, to slay a dragon. And, as mentioned before, she took on the spirit of the Dark One to save Regina from turning evil again, for fear she would never be a hero again.


Melisandre Game of Thrones

Melisandre is one of only a handful of characters on “Game of Thrones” who has a power of some kind. She is a priestess of the Lord of Light, and channels his power through her. That power is incredible, because she gave birth to a Shadow, which then assassinated Renly Baratheon. Perhaps Melisandre’s strongest power is the influence she has over certain men. Thanks to her feminine charms and religious promises, she had Stannis Baratheon wrapped around her little finger.

For most of the TV series, Melisandre appeared to be a villain, rather than a hero. (On the other hand, if you were Team Stannis, you would have brought marshmallows every time she burned someone alive.) After Stannis’s horrible defeat, however, the Red Woman quickly switched her allegiance to Jon Snow, arguably the most noble character in all the Seven Kingdoms. She even worked her mojo to bring him back to life. If that’s not powerful, what is?


Arya Stark Game of Thrones

Arya is another female character on “Game of Thrones” who possesses unique power. Whereas Melisandre has always been powerful, Arya earned her power through sacrifice and hard work, as well as tremendous bravery and a strong will. Her determination and her desire for vengeance saw her through her imprisonment at Harrenhal and her servitude in the House of Black and White.

Arya has become a skilled fighter, thanks to her training with Syrio Forel, the Hound and the Waif. Her skills got kicked up a notch after she temporarily went blind, when she learned to fight without the benefit of sight, giving her an edge in the dark. Eventually, not only was she able to take on the faces of dead people, but also she was also able to kill the Waif by fighting in the dark. She used her ability to disguise herself again when she got revenge for the deaths of her brother and her mother. In the ultimate dish served cold, she tricked Lord Walder Frey into eating a pie that included bits of his sons before she slit his throat.


Speedy on Arrow

Thea Queen, a.k.a. Speedy on “Arrow” has morphed from a spoiled party girl to a mature, responsible adult, not to mention a lethal fighter. She trained with Malcolm Merlyn, reluctantly at first, until she became an incredibly skilled warrior. At that point, she was only human. It wasn’t until she took a dip in the Lazarus Pit that Speedy became driven to kill, a need that spurred her to become an even better fighter and marksman than she had ever been.

The Lazarus Pit gave Speedy more than just a thirst for blood, because no one comes back from the dead without some baggage. Her soul was changed forever after rising out of the pit. Arguably she came back with a little more strength and speed, courtesy of her bloodthirsty, adrenaline-fueled combat skills. She definitely came back with a certain ruthlessness, because she was able to shoot an arrow through her brother’s wrist when she thought he had turned evil. I doubt she could have been so cold prior to her resurrection.


Regina Once Upon a Time

On “Once Upon a Time,” Regina reigns as the most powerful hero. Storybrooke has had other heroes with magic who came close (like Emma or the Blue Fairy), but no one can match Regina for the variety of spells she can cast or the power of her magic. Whether she’s creating cyclone portals or teleporting via purple smoke, Regina has more power than any other hero in Storybrooke.

Of course, Regina hasn’t always been a hero. She was evil until Season 3, when she joined Emma, Charming and Snow in rescuing Henry from Peter Pan, then later defeating Zelena. Her status as a hero was cemented when she was able to save Henry with true love’s kiss, a product of white magic. Now that she is split from the Evil Queen, she is truly a hero, who has to battle her literal bad self in order to save everyone she holds dear.


Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen is the Breaker of Chains, the Unburnt and the Mother of Dragons on “Game of Thrones.” She is known by those last two aliases because of her incredible power over dragons and her ability to withstand scorching fire and emerge unscathed. She is unique because no one else in the  Seven Kingdoms has that power. (Margaery could have used a little Unburnt power when the Sept went up in wildfire flames.)

Daenerys has used this power to destroy her enemies, to escape assassination and to make some pretty bold statements. The command she has over her dragons stuns everyone who witnesses it, including Tyrion, who probably thought he had seen it all until he watched Daenerys climb on Drogon and fly away. To date, the most vindictive and aggressive use of her power came when Daenerys set fire to the Dothraki temple and killed all the khals. She materialized out of the flames and became, again, the Khaleesi.


Vixen Legends of Tomorrow

Amaya Jiwe on “Legends of Tomorrow” isn’t a powerful woman on her own. But as Vixen, she can take on the traits of any animal who has walked the Earth and become very powerful. Like the DC comic book character, the “Legends of Tomorrow” version of Vixen uses the Tantu Totem she wears around her neck to take on the abilities of whatever animal she focuses on. Unlike the DC comic book character, the totem itself seems to be the complete source of her power. Perhaps as “Legends” continues, we will find out whether she also taps into the Red to use her power.

Being able to take on the strength and agility of any animal has served Vixen well in fights. On “Legends,” she has bowled over lots of bad guys to help secure a victory. Hopefully, as the show’s budget permits, we’ll see her fly, camouflage, climb, breathe underwater and run super-fast, like Mari McCabe (the Vixen of the present) has in the web series.

7. YO-YO

Yo-Yo Agents of SHIELD

Elena Rodriguez, a.k.a. Yo-Yo to her friend Mack, is one of the Inhumans who is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Because of her transformation after undergoing Terrigenesis, she is able to run to a visible point and back again within the space of a heartbeat, like a super-fast yo-yo. (The Marvel comic book character on whom she’s based is also known as Slingshot.) Since her debut on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” in Season 3, she has become more daring and has been able to extend the distance she runs.

Being that fast may not seem very powerful to some, but fans of The Flash know that super-speed can be used in lots of creative ways. Having Yo-Yo be able to move faster than people can see gives the S.H.I.E.L.D. team an incredible advantage over enemies. Yo-Yo has used her power to rescue hostages, retrieve sensitive items and even save her team from getting shot by rearranging bullets.


White Canary Legends of Tomorrow

Although her most valuable asset is her deadly hand-to-hand combat skills, Sara Lance is also a strong leader and a resourceful team member. She went from being a morally ambiguous renegade and former member of the League of Assassins on “Arrow” to being the noble captain of the Waverider on “Legends of Tomorrow.” Sara is the Legends’ go-to girl for tactical plans and fight training. Even Mick shows her respect. Her strength, skill and speed make her a very powerful Legend.

But what is her super-human power? Sara is another Arrowverse character who was lowered into the Lazarus Pit and then came back to life. Because Sara had been dead for so long, her resurrection changed her into someone who resembled a wild animal (it took the help of Constantine to restore her soul). She, too, had a bloodthirsty nature that drove her to extreme violence. She has since learned to control the need to kill, much like an addict conquers an addiction, which may be the most powerful thing she’s done.


Caitlin Snow The Flash

Ever since Barry tried to fix the timeline on “The Flash,” Dr. Caitlin Snow began noticing she had some chilly tendencies. Gradually, her icy powers developed into a full-blown danger. Like her doppelgänger on Earth 2, Caitlin can create deadly icicle daggers and drop the temperature of the local atmosphere. She can also simply freeze someone to death. She possesses an immense, lethal power. Her power has increased to the point that she must wear power-reducing bracelets in order to keep her friends safe from her.

However, Caitlin is not yet the evil Killer Frost we saw on Earth 2. She had a brief lapse when her personality was morphing into that of the remorseless killer’s, but Caitlin was able to put that personality aside when it came to protecting her friends. Although Cisco vibed a vision of the two of them battling each other, savvy fans know that TV shows (especially ones featuring timeline warping and alternate realities like “The Flash”) are full of story twists.


Jessica Jones

Although she doesn’t have impenetrable skin like Luke Cage, Jessica Jones is still the one to be on in a fight. Perhaps her kickass attitude and cocky swagger comes from knowing she’s nearly unbeatable when it comes to fisticuffs. And don’t even think of playing a game of “never have I ever” with Jessica and a bottle of whiskey. With her superhuman metabolism, you’ll be under the table before she’s even buzzed.

Only a few female superheroes on TV can top Jessica Jones when it comes to raw power. Her incredible strength means there’s very little she can’t do. On “Jessica Jones,” she uses her strength in all kinds of situations, whether she’s busting down doors, lifting up cars or slamming a dude against a wall. Plus, she can run impressively fast. Her super strength also allows her to jump high enough and far enough that it could almost be mistaken for flying.


Eleven Stranger Things

Eleven on “Stranger Things” is the embodiment of the saying “mind over matter.” Her psychokinetic abilities, which are the result of Project MKUltra and Dr. Brenner’s experiments, make her terribly powerful. As William Shakespeare said, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” Her powers give her control over everything around her. She doesn’t need super strength when she can flip a full-size van just by thinking about it, let alone a few teenage boys.

Beyond the physical capabilities of Eleven’s power, she also has the ability to project herself into other dimensions. Her mental power for astral projection means she has access to more than just this world. Her power was exploited when she was forced to be a spy for the CIA. On the other hand, Eleven’s ability to tap the Upside Down dimension meant she was able to find Will and verify that he’s alive. With another season of “Stranger Things” premiering sometime in 2017, Eleven’s power is sure to grow even stronger in upcoming episodes.


Quake Agents of SHIELD

Daisy Johnson’s power as Quake on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” can literally move mountains. Her ability to send shockwaves is so immense that her mother, Jiaying, had to take her to an isolated mountainside for her to begin her training. She can move air, as well as earth, when she needs to blast an enemy out of her way. Also, her power is so strong that she can barely contain it. Her bones fracture and break when she doesn’t wear the cuffs Fitz and Simmons designed for her.

Because Daisy has such tremendous power, she is also feared by those who don’t know her. Her friends know that Daisy only wants to use her powers for good, but the destruction she leaves behind her after a fight gives the public pause. Plus, watching her crush Mack’s skeleton with just her hand when she was controlled by Hive was awful. Thankfully, Daisy is a hero, which means she will use her incredible power for good, not evil.



Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl, is easily the most powerful female superhero on TV right now. Her Kryptonian biology means that she has super strength, super speed, heat vision, X-ray vision, flight and she’s nearly indestructible. Although she possessed all of these powers from the beginning of “Supergirl,” she hadn’t mastered them. Her fighting was messy and mostly ineffective. As the show has progressed, however, so too has her ability to wield her incredible powers.

Like all superheroes, Kara does have weaknesses. She can’t withstand being exposed to Kryptonite and she can’t see through lead, but put her up against nearly any superhero on TV and she’ll win every time. (Her cousin Clark may be able to best her, but only because he’s had more practice.) It’s no wonder the writers kind of benched her during the Arrowverse crossover, because there would have been very little left for anyone else to do. Luckily, Kara has a good heart and a kind soul, so she fights for the good guys.

Who do you think is the most powerful female character on TV right now? Tell us in the comments!

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