Girl Genius #1 now available on-line

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[Girl Genius]Issue One of Phil and Kaja Foglio's new gaslamp fantasy comic Girl Genius is sold out, but you can still read it on their Web site, www.studiofoglio.com. Kaja says "We massively overprinted our first issue, and expected to have copies available until we had a collected book out. We were wrong. Not that we're complaining, this is great, but people need to be able to read the first part of the story if they're going to get into the series. So yesterday (September 16), I posted it on our Web site for free."

Girl Genius is the story of Agatha Clay, a student at Transylvania Polygnostic University. Mad Science rules the world, but nothing Agatha builds ever works out. The story begins at her lowest point, and chronicles her rise to power as she sets out to "Show them, show them all!"

The comic, which debuted in January of 2001, is the first new series from award-winning creator Phil Foglio in over ten years. It is co-written with Kaja Foglio with art by Phil Foglio, Brian Snoddy and Mark McNabb. With giant airships, steam powered robots and weird monsters, it has quickly gathered an enthusiastic following with research scientists and college professors as well as the usual comic book audience. Phil says "It is a world where there are no grant applications and you can cut through academic politics by having your robot gorilla beat up your rival's ambulatory venus flytrap. How could this fail to appeal?"

It is a book that Phil and Kaja have been working on for their own amusement since 1994, but even they are surprised at how popular it has become. Initial orders have gone up with every issue, reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and retailers are enthusiastically reordering on a weekly basis.

Issues two through four are still available, with number five on its way in October of 2001. Although the book started out in black and white, it made the jump to brilliant full color in issue Four.

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