Gingerbread Darth Vader finds your lack of frosting disturbing

The force is strong with this gingerbread creation. Caroline Eriksson, a 3-D artist from Oslo, Norway has created a perfect Darth Vader statue made out of gingerbread.

This image of a handcrafted gingerbread Darth Vader showed up on Reddit today, and surprised a lot of Star Wars fans. The comment section is filled with some of the best Star Wars baking puns ever including "I find this lack of frosting disturbing."

Eriksson teased her gingerbread creation on her Facebook page. When she uploaded the final image she labeled it "Three weeks and three fire alarms later." The attention to detail and precision of the design is, as Darth Vader would say is, "most impressive."

Last year she created a stunning 3-D Smaug in honor of the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The 3-D Smaug was first mentioned on deMilked and can be seen below.

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