Gina Carano, T.J. Miller Join "Deadpool" Cast, Colossus Expected to Appear

Actor and former MMA fighter Gina Carano has joined the cast of Fox's 2016 "Deadpool" film, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which states she's "closed a deal" to play a character named Angel Dust.

Additionally, "Silicon Valley" star T.J. Miller -- first reported to be in contention for "Deadpool" back in January -- is also reportedly on board, in an as-yet unnamed role said to "bring comic relief." THR also say the film is scheduled to have a part for longtime X-Men team member Colossus, though it's not yet known if Daniel Cudmore -- who has played the character in multiple films -- will return, or if a there will be a new actor playing the part.

Angel Dust shares a name with a previously established Marvel Comics character, a Morlock -- an underground group of mutants less equipped to fit into human society due to their mutations -- who first appeared in the 2002 "Morlocks" series, created by writer Geoff Johns (in his pre-DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer days) and artist Shawn Martinbrough. THR's report says it's not known at this point how closely connected -- if at all -- Carano's character will be to the comic book version.

Based on the beloved Marvel mercenary and directed by Tim Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds in the title role, "Deadpool" is scheduled for release on Feb. 12, 2016. Reynolds had been the only previously confirmed casting for the film. Earlier this week, the actor shared a look at an early prototype of what could be the film's Deadpool mask. The film is slated to start filming in Vancouver this March.

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