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Gillen’s X-Men are Sublime

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Gillen’s X-Men are Sublime

“I would say the main plot of this arc involves Sublime. It’s definitely got the attention of all the X-Men. So that’s what drives the plot in ‘Quarantine.’ Emma and Shaw are kind of off to the side, and as their story unfolds, it becomes dramatically more obvious how it ties into the main plot of ‘Quarantine’,” Gillen explained. “The Collective Man story is sort of a sub-plot. So I would say the Sublime story is the main plot. The others work orchestrally and provide harmony, to use my usual music metaphors. There’s also a big fight, which is always good with the genre.”

Gillen obviously couldn’t reveal the outcome of “Quarantine,” but hinted that the events of the arc may lead the currently active team to reunite again later in 2011. “I think the fact that the San Francisco scratch team works so well tells me that there’s a good chance those five characters will get back together again,” Gillen revealed. “The fact that they were forced together and it worked as easily as it did has them thinking that this is something useful and might be worth preserving.”

Gillen also had to be cryptic when discussing Marvel’s recent “Do you fear what you’ve become?” teaser ad showing Cyclops dressed in Magneto’s armor. “That’s interesting, isn’t it? There appears to be a major story on the horizon, and if you look at things, Cyclops has been forced into some awkward decisions. In some ways, it’s worrying that Magneto so happily follows Scott, now. What does that say about you when one of your advisors is this world famous ex-mutant terrorist? So that image says Scott has a lot of be frightened about, doesn’t it?” Gillen remarked. “I think that image says exactly what people are thinking and worrying about. It’s a good look, though. If I had the choice, I’d definitely wear a cape and a red suit of armor.”

“Uncanny X-Men” #531, Gillen’s first issue, may hit stores today, but the writer has been working with Matt Fraction on the book for the past several months and is excited to finally see what fans make of his work on the series. “2011 will hopefully be an enthralling year for ‘Uncanny X-Men’ fans. There will be high stakes enormity in what’s coming through. That’s a definite element in the stories we’re doing now, but the stories we’re coming to will feature plenty of emotional high stakes and what I like from a superhero comic.”

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